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Do you ship to Portugal? What are my options?


Jun 9, 2021
@RMI007 Yes they do. Be aware of customs clearance tho, new regulatory laws will be in place July 1st, everything from now on will pay VAT regardless of price (<=22EUR imports were not subjected to VAT). Previously, by luck (or avoidance), one could keep the extra 23% on the pocket. But things will change. Regarding the options, it's basically a standard flat shipping rate from what I noticed. One single option. Price do change sometimes (may be related to package weight, size, availability, etc...???) but most times it wraps in about 15USD. For reference, the last time I ordered here the shipping time was of 18 days. From the US, to Germany, then finally Portugal. The delivery is handled in the international transit by DHL. At your door, it may be CTT or DHL. By the paper, DHL says on their documentation that after overseas transit the common local post courier handles the delivery, which means CTT. And here is where we meet a point of confusion. Why? I had DHL delivering me themselves a Drop package. Recently, some portuguese guys here at Drop on some reviews say the same. On the other side, I had read in the past a bunch of Drop/Reddit threads where other folks say they had CTT knocking at their door. As you see, it is a mixed bag, almost like flipping a coin. I mention this because, this is important, each company has its own brokerage fees and price table for them. Luckily, my order here went through import clearence without anyone requiring me any payment of VAT or brokerage fees. I was one of the lucky fellas. But you may not be as fortunate as me, especially after July 1st, and be aware that DHL asks for 40EUR (plus 23% VAT on that) just for brokerage fees. For the same service, customs presentation, CTT charges 12EUR (which is expected to lower afterwards the start of the new regulation). As my recommendation, if you were thinking of using package forwarders like Shipito or CTT's own Expres2Me, on orders from Drop, don't go that route, it is not worth the hassle. It is clearly not a valuable option, I have done the math for you. :) Hope this helps!
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