GMMK Pro reservation question

So I have a question about GMMK Pro reservations on the glorious website. so as far as I know, until the flex batch is sold out you'd need to make reservations but if I wait out the rush do you think I won't have to reserve it and the purchase will be similar to the original GMMK boards? the reason I ask is because if any of you don't know you have to pay an extra 100$ to reserve it. if any of you have some speculation I'd love to hear.
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Jun 10, 2021
Bro, you never have to pay EXTRA $100 to reserve it. Its exactly like it reserve it. For example, my brother wanted the GMMK Pro so I paid $70 to reserve it (meaning I only had to pay $70 of the $170 keyboard until GMMK physically received the keyboards. Then when they sent out emails for Batch 1, I paid the remaining $100. (and I grabbed him an extra gold rotary knob and a polycarbonate plate. ) Then I received it about 2 weeks later. They specifically said that they would change the amount you need to pay upfront to reserve it from $70 to $100 as they had a much much larger amount of people who were interested in purchasing it than they intended. So the longer you the longer you won't be getting one. You gotta remember, every nice enthusiast keyboard you see on this website or pictures of nice keyboards came from a Group Buy at one point or another. Meaning, you pay the entire amount for the keyboard and then sometimes wait up to 2 years to receive it as it takes time and money to make solid anodized keyboards. And GMMK is still a fairly new and small company, so for all the features and "enthusiast" level quality of the GMMK Pro . Them asking for $70 upfront was more than fair considering they are shipping them out as they receive shipments of them.
Jun 11, 2021
ah ty. I was pretty confused so thanks for clearing that up.