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EDC Interest Check

From natural leathers to durable metals - What are your favorite EDC materials?
Stangs.N.Steel, Panzie, and 69 others

Titanium, Tungsten, Brass, Carbon Fiber and other durable materials.
So do you guys have a deal going with Craft & Lore or did you just randomly steal that image off Pinterest or something? If its the latter, please have them bring back that impractical but very cool bottle opener! (center of image)
Stainless Steel and Black CORDURA.
Leather, Copper, Dark Walnut. Hands down, I love these materials so much I am even making a walnut and copper handle for my opinel no7 carbone. I also do leather , wood and metal working and I make most of my edc gear
Hi anything of leather but especially Horween, gets my attention.
My preferred EDC materials: Horween CXL #8 leather Raw brass
Titanium, Stainless Steel, Leather, 1000 Denier, MOLLE attachments
Titanium and carbon fiber. Abalone and blacklip pearl are some of the most beautiful knife scales.
Definitely leather and brass. Picture a leather utility belt, a lot like a WW2 GI's ammo belt only with different sized pouches, loops, and attachment points. Not too big and obtrusive but 'elegant' and discreet. Pouches to carry all the little items that clutter our pockets. For example, why not 'scout carry' tactical pen loops. A small tinder pouch, a loop for a ferro rod or a pouch for a BIC/Zippo. A slightly larger pouch for vital first aid. With gaps on right and left for knife or weapons carry. Attractive brass fittings and buckle. Old school but cool; dark browns; would look good on 'Indiana Jones’ sort of thing. If they existed I’d buy a few of them, at least, one for different climates and circumstances. I’ve got rough drawings but don’t know anyone who makes such things. Cheers, BH.
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share sketches, maybe manufacturers will pick up on the concept at least.
G’day I_Rate, Yes, I could do that. I wasn’t planning to make a fortune with this idea but if I posted proper drawings then anyone could make them and I would not get even a 5 or 10% cut. So, like I said to Jared, if a leather worker or manufacturer might be interested I’d happily send that person drawings with a view to getting a small cut for myself. Or I would get a leatherworker to make a one off for me to use as a prototype to see if anyone had a commercial interest in such a product. Cheers, BH
I'm all for the fancy, like Ti and exotic woods.I also dig the budget G10 and Micarta, but can we get more middle of the road utilitarian materials? I saw an upswing in knives with D2 blades but too many have Ti scales which drives the price too high...
Brass and leather
Titanium and damascus
Leathers and Metals that show patina over time
For me probably Paracord 90% of my edc is Paracord
Titanium (C or better) and precious metals, and full grain leathers for sheaths, wallets, and belts.
I see a trend here... We Massdroppers like EDC and natural things that show character and wear with grace. 🤔 ☮️✝️
Titanium & stainless steel, leather.
What watch is that? The only other one I want is the Helson Shark Diver 42.
Glad I'm not the only one salivating. What is?!
I dig this kit. I'm more of a grey/silver metal and black kind a person.
Carbon Fiber, Leather and Polish-able metals like brass or SS . Any material that patina's over time and with use.
Leather and brass. Much like your photo :P What is the watch up there??
I love natural leather pouches to carry my spinners, knives,pens,flashlights and more. Like the way it patina with use,ware and over time. Gets so nice and personal.
Copper, brown leather, wood, brass
titanium, leather and carbon fiber.
+1 to the leather, wood, brass, copper, and waxed canvas comments. As a USA resident, I also prefer products made from these materials to be "Made in the USA" in order to support local businesses & indie artists.
Titanium, steel, sterling silver, carbon fiber, leather, rip-stop fabrics, silicone
Copper, titanium, wood, and leather
Can beat a nice wearing leather. I've somehow destroyed any other material I've tried to use otherwise. Titanium for stuff that will have stress on it, like a multi tool. Brass for anything else like a pen or lighter. I'll use a high grade stainless if I have to, like for a good Swiss army knife.
Titanium for all metals and leather or canvas for fabrics