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Don't head much of a difference between ATH m50x, HD 58x and HE 4xx

As the title says, I don't hear any big difference between these headphones. I originally had the ATH m50x for some time and was content. However, a few weeks ago, I read that a lot of people were saying that it wasn't that good of a pair of headphone and there were many better ones out there. 2 of which, were the HD 58x jubilee and the Hifiman He 4xx. So I ordered these 2 headphones and have been using them with my desktop for the last couple of weeks. I bought these 2 because I heard that open-back headphones sounded different from closed-back, and that the sound stage between these 2 were also completely different. However, if I am being completely honest, I don't head much of a difference between these 3 headphones. I am a little disappointed now though because after spending so much money I honestly don't think it was much of an upgrade. Are my ears just broken, or is there something that I am missing that make people praise these massdrop headphones and bash the ATH m50x?

Jun 11, 2021
If you can, there may still be a return policy you can fall back on. Dont worry about not hearing a difference, it's refreshing to hear someone say that, instead of the dozens that will claim they can hear everything different between headphones.
Jun 11, 2021
I have had the same experience when I first started the audiophile journey. There may be several reasons (in my opinion) for your situation: 1) the ATH-M50X is not a bad headphone. It's just a very popular headphone, and like many popular things, people tend to bash it. In the audiophile circle, rare products tend to get higher praise, especially since not many people have heard of it to bash it. 2) Referring to point 1, since the M50X is already a pretty good headphone, the difference might not be as obvious as you had hoped when you upgraded to a better headphone. 3) Open back doesn't always mean bigger soundstage. Take the HD6XX for example, with its very narrow and intimate sound (not necessarily a bad thing). The HD58X is similar. In fact, apart from the HD800, I don't think Sennheisers are known to have wide soundstage. Even my closed back Denon D7200 has significantly bigger soundstage than my open back HD600. Can't comment on the HE4XX as I've yet to have a Hifiman or any planar for that matter. 4) Spend some time with the new headphones, just listen to it regularly, no need to analyze how it's better than the M50X or how does the bass/mids/highs sound compared to the M50X. Just enjoy your favourite tracks for a week or two. Also include a variety of genres into the mix, as some headphones are better for certain genres than others. Then listen back to the M50X. By now you should be able to notice the differences in the headphones. You may not be able to put into words how is the HD58X or HE4XX different than the M50X, but you will have a preference by now. Anyway, I'm still just a noob in audio, so please take my ramblings with a pinch of salt. I just hope it offers some comfort so you don't feel too much regret getting those headphones.
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