Jun 30, 2018107 views

Dare I get a tube amp?

So, I’m currently running a Sony HAP-S1 as my base station with a pair of HD6xx’s. It’s a good multipurpose box since it’s a combo DAC/amp/hard drive. However, I know it can be run out to a bigger amp since it’s not designed to power much more than bookshelf speakers (it maxes out quickly on my Cabasse reference set). In short, as I understand it, it would work as a preamp+DAC if I ran an RCA out. Anyone have a take on whether it’s worth me adding a tube amp and, if so, which one is worth it? I’m interested in something that can still work with my headphones as well as my speakers.

Get a Darkvoice 336SE and a NOS Silvertone 6SN7 tube. I'm listening to it through my 6XXs right now and it is GOLD!
Tubes do sound different, but we can't tell you if you'll like the difference :-)
I’m a big fan of the DarkVoice 336SE. The 6xx soumd great with it and you can have a lot fun tube rolling if your into that.
I've tried everything but I could never get HD650 to sound just as good as my HD600 on DV336SE. I don't have much tubes to roll with besides Tung sol 7236, Sylvania 6SN7W & GE 6SN7GTB.
Sounds like you are in the HD600 camp I'm terms of preference. I've never heard those so maybe I'm missing out.
HD 6XX sounds best with tube amps to me. I am guessing a Bottlehead Crack 1.1 especially with the Speedball upgrade will be a nice improvement. Can't say for sure since I don't know anything about the Sony HAP-S1 really.