Why there aren't anymore Yu-Gi-Oh! products here?
As a trading card game fan, I see a lot of MTG products here and recently there was a drop for CFVanguard booster box which looked interesting, but apart from all of this I greatly like playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and I've trying to collect the cards after playing it online for a while on simulators. Living in non-conventional countries for popularity of such hobbies, that is where there are no hobby shops for card games specifically, I sometimes order the products online from websites located in Europe, but comes with it some unreasonably high shipping charges.

I was told quite a few months back that I can find Yu-Gi-Oh! products on Massdrop for a reasonable price and affordable shipping but till now I haven't seen any related drop popping up, so I am asking if there is a chance that new Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG products like Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge or Dark Saviors or Cybernetic Horizon could be available here as the shipping on products here I see is quite reasonably cheap speaking to which many others might show interest in it as Yu-gi-Oh! is quite popular like the other trading card games featured here.
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