Who is this website for anyway? Seriously question.

My friend that is a self-proclaimed true audiophile tells me that Drop is not the place to get good deals on audiophile grade headphones. He tells me that headphones never really go out of date, and that the 2 hand market is the best way to go. As well as for me a PC gamer for 20 years I've gone though 4 keyboard over that time. I've never thought that I needed a new keyboard ever time I've upgraded the rig. Seriously who is keeping this site afloat? Can you maintain a website with only fidget spinner keycaps? Side note There is two thing I wish I saw in time that drop exclusive jacket with nasa on it and that titanium measuring tape. Sad about missing out on those.
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Jun 16, 2021
I think you inadvertently answered your own question by telling everyone who this site isn't for--it's not for guys who liked that butt-uggly NASA jacket you mentioned (they were harder to sell than Bernie Sanders stickers at a trump rally). And as for that titanium measuring tape--if you really can't live without one, try Kickstarter. Meantime, just remember, when all your friends are making fun of you because you don't have a fidget spinner on your keyboard (and because you didn't capitalize "nasa"), don't say MD didn't try to educate you about what's really important in life.
Jun 16, 2021
If I learned anything from MD put your keys and your phone or else you can end up with a charge for 3 cold brew coffee makers bottle if you are drinking Black Label. Thats not a problem with D new catalog. Also I never thought anyone would call that out outside of Twitter for nasa. Finally joke on you I have no friends with keyboard. If people want to get ben over a stool as daddy Tim tells them what they want, those are no friends of mine.