Samsung galaxy s9

Planning to get a new smartphone thought about the Galaxy s9.
Would like to know how is the audio quality on headphones.
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Sep 13, 2018
Hi friends, a bit late to this post but, as an audio-enthusiast (maybe not quite an audiophile per say) who has done quite a bit of research online, I'd like to share my findings.
On release, the s9 had the best audio quality of any smartphones bar the v30 (and maybe the v20 but since not current gen so lets skip that in favour of v30). The s9 supports playback of 32bit/382kHz audio files and all major HD bluetooth codecs.
Whether you are a fan of dolby atmos or not, it still is a great addition to the phone. User reviews indicate a loudness increase over the s8 and you should have no problems using the s9+ without a dedicated external dac (unless you're a die-hard audiophile).
p.s. If you use the speakers on your phone, you'll be happy to know that the s9's addition of stereo audio and dolby atmos makes for a pretty convincing smartphone sound setup. nothing amazing to replace a dedicated speaker with but decent for a smartphone. The max volume of the s9 speakers as tested by soundguys is 80.4db, quite a bit louder than other smartphones such as the pixel 2xl 74.4db and the v30 with 71db.
Jul 20, 2018
I also have an LG ( the V30+) and it is solid. I put it in a Spigen case and a Skinomi screen protector and I have zero worries. I've had an LG G3 and G4 in the past and never had a single build quality issue. The Quad DAC Hi-Fi sound is incredible and provides really clear, neutral sound.
Jul 19, 2018
I don't have an audiophile ear or exposure to tons of high-end audio equipment, but the S9 sounds pretty good to me (just upgraded from an S7). Using Tidal hifi and Shure SE425s. Use the custom audio setting to tailor the sound to you and your headphones. I had to up the bass a bit since the 425s are a little light there.
Based on research, the LG is really the go-to phone for the best built-in sound, but I was not disappointed with the S9.
The S9's camera, screen, and battery life were sufficient to push me that way over the LG. It's a great phone.
Jul 19, 2018
I've got a S9+, the sound quality is similar to other phones I've tried. It's good enough for general use with low demand headphones, but it's nowhere as good as some desktop setups. Trying my easy-to-drive DT770 - soundstage is flat, imaging is blurry, bass and highs are rolled off.
Jul 18, 2018
Thinking about the S9, but just for everything else in general. The new Galaxy phones are long, which I just find weird, but need to handle one for a while to really make the decision to go for it or not. Would love to see the super slow-mo camera in action too.
Can't comment on the S9 but I will say I've never found a phone that is on the same level as the LG V series when it comes to audio. That includes Iphones, HTC and older Samsung models.
Jul 18, 2018
thanks. I would buy this phone but I don't trust LG build quality
Mil-spec drop certified without a case... had mine almost two years with no issues. I used to carry a DAP+amp combo when I traveled, now I just take my phone and a larger power pack.
Edit: Also doesn't have a history of their batteries blowing up... so there's that.