Need some advice

I’m trying to figure out what I need to achieve the objective of a high profile Drop Alt in Space Grey, with the /dev/tty caps, the smoothest thocciest linear switches and absolutely no pings or rattles. Q1. The videos I’ve watched seem to show quite clearly that the default stabilisers are not great. So what should they be replaced with? Are the stabilisers screw-in or plate mounted? What should I buy? Q2. Why does the high profile barebones cost $190, while the high profile keyboard only cost $185? Am I missing what’s included with the bare bones? Q3. Can the case be lined with high density foam to help dampen the ping? Any tutorials or similar on how to do this? Q4. Will the /dev/tty keycaps change the sound profile much? If so, in which way. I really want to get to deep tones. Q5. Which switches? I really like linear, but it seems that the linear choice is pretty limited. What would you recommend? I’m leaning toward the Halo clears, can they be made linear? Would be very grateful for some advice/guidance on this. thanks stuart

Jun 23, 2021
Q1: Yup the default ones are not that good, the alt uses plate mount stabs you can buy everglides here on drop or durock/cherry. Q2: The fully assembled alt is on sale right now, the barebones version is not. Q3: Works on my alt low profile so i see no reason why it wouldnt work on the high profile there should definitely some tutorials on youtube. Q4: generally heavy/high profile keycaps as the mt3 profile /dev/tty ones make the sound more "thocky" Q5: Personally I like the sound of linears more and prefer them for gaming. If you will mostly type i'd still consider tactiles. As for which linears, I would recommend the everglides Aqua Kings(you can buy them on drop) or Gateron Ink Black V2. For tactiles you can go for the halo clears or if you want more premium ones try gazzew boba u4t or holy pandas tldr: If you want it good and easy go for everglides stabs and aqua kings here from drop. Ah and caution a lot of things i've said are subjective and you may not like it as i do
Jun 24, 2021
Hi @JohnAcon Really appreciate the quality response; it gives me the confidence to go ahead with the project. Looking like it will be:
  • Drop Alt Space Grey High Profile (with Halo Clears as part of the package).
  • MT3/dev/tty keycaps
  • Stupidfish foam pack for Drop Alt
  • Deskeys film pack
  • Everglide plate mounted stabs upgrade
  • Krytox & Dialectric grease lubes.
The only thing I am still unsure about are the switches. I'm really torn on this one as I want the best linear switches I can get. I have narrowed them down to:
  • Banana Splits
  • NK Creams
  • Gateron Inks (Blacks)
  • Keyfirst creams (available through Drop)
  • AquaGlides (as you suggest)
At the moment I am inclined toward the Banana Splits, but would love to hear any other opinions. Thanks again!
Jun 25, 2021
Looks really nice to me so far. The problem i see with switches is that there are no "best" switches. Sure between these five switches there might be the best for you but we can't tell you which ones those are. Because in the end good feel and good sound is subjective. Yes you can listen to the sound of switches on youtube to see if you like them but for me the feel is more important and that you can only experience yourself. So that brings me to the bad part: If you really want to be the perfectionist you'd have to buy 1 of all those switches and try out which one of those you like the most and yes that is annoying, expensive and will probably take quite some time :D Or you try to come up with some objective measurements like which ones are recommended the most or are the hardest to get or some other indicators for them being the best ones and buy those. And if you like them just think of them as the best(I know thats hard but it might be the best for your wallet) And finally, to make you even more insecure i think all 5 of them are indeed good switches though i only tried 2 of them. Well gotten kinda long now and i don't know if you would consider this helpful but hey at least i tried :P