Hello there. I just received these today and seem to be having... an interesting experience. I bought these on a recommendation for general use on my PC. My biggest issue to date is the fact that whenever I join a Discord call, I'm unable to hear absolutely any audio from another source. This happened whether it was a game, a movie, or even a Youtube video. After having this happen, I tested this issue with my Samsung Buds+ and my old wired headset (Sennheiser 360) and both received the call's audio and the other media's audio without issue. I've been unable to find anyway around this issue, and the manual has been little to no help on fixing it. Likewise, I'm hearing an occasional crackle within the right ear every few minutes. This has yet to happen from the left ear. Does anyone have any suggestions on what may be causing this or how to fix it? I have updated the firmware already, and installed the SoundID App on my phone. If I'm unable to resolve this, I'll have to go for a refund.



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