Need some advice with Mech keyboards

Hey! I'm trying to figure out which keyboard would be better. I've been looking for a smaller keyboard and I think that a 65% would fit really nice into my setup. Right now I've been reading reviews for Drop ALT High Profile and the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini. The main reason for what I would buy the Razer is because it's wireless. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind if the keyboard is wireless, but is the only good thing that I think it has. There are better keyboards (or cheaper but similar) that are wireless? The Drop ALT has good reviews, but almost everybody says that the stabilizers are really bad. Is a good keyboard for someone that is new in this community? Also, I've been thinking in quieter tactile/linear switches. My actual keyboard (a CK550 with Gateron Brown switches) does quite of noise. So, which cheaper and quieter tactile/linear switches would you recommend me to buy, without having to lube them? I have a limited budget, so I would like to do the best buy as I can, so I would like to know if you guys have better recommendations. Thanks Bryan

Jun 25, 2021
you should get the gk68xs kit, boba u4 switches, and keycaps of your choice Boba u4 switches are silent tactiles, and I’ve heard that “boba u4t” switches are one of the best tactiles out there, so I assume the “boba u4” switches (silent version) should be just as good
Jun 25, 2021
Right now i found them in stock on Ashkeebs, Splitkb and Aliexpress
Jun 25, 2021
Gotcha. Thanks!