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Wishlist/Favorites Feature?

This is something I keep wishing Massdrop had. I often see these great drops that I'm just not in a position to join but would like to at a later date. I understand there is a request drop button, but that is:
  1. only for inactive drops
  2. you will only get notified the next time it becomes available (instead of a more preferable every time it become available. )
Also on a side note, if there could be images of each option somehow on the order page so I don't have to keep looking back at the main one trying to decipher which option is which image that would be great. That can be a big problem for drops that have things in several different colors (especially when those colors are quite similar or the option description isn't very descriptive).
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Nov 29, 2016
i don't think they'll bother applying code that will check your transaction history to see if you've purchased an item so that you won't receive notifications for it anymore.
if you requested it, you want it (is what i'm thinking MD will be thinking). If you want it, you'll be all over it the next time it drops.
Why don't you write a wishlist for yourself?
I'm sure you subconsciously know this, but it's not like MD sells things that are ENTIRELY unobtainable outside of MD.
Nov 29, 2016
A wishlist I make for myself won't check through every drop to see if it's dropping is the point. And I don't have the time to do that myself every couple of days. I usually request it if it's something I want, but half the problem is I can't do that while its active. I do know there are other places to get things on massdrop, but massdrop has exclusives, and discounts, and so on so I prefer to get things here whenever possible.
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