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Question for new audiophile

I recently picked up a pair of Beyerdynamic dt1990 pro's and they sound great. However, I am aware that since these are rather difficult headphones to drive that I should be in the market for some kind of AMP + DAC combination. Can someone tell me what would be more useful for me (dac or amp) or recommend something in the 200 dollar range that would help drive these cans better?
I am still using the on board audio on my PC and my audio source is Spotify.
Thanks in advanced!
carlosmante and Elzizo

I think Spotify at 320kpbs is decent enough. Whichever the case, one step at a time yeah :) Good budget amps would probably be the O2 and the Magni 3, for DACs they would be the SDAC or JDS' OL DAC or ODAC revB. Also, I would recommend you get an Ifi iusb3.0 nano as a purifier, really helps with the sound (makes it sound more analogue, dynamic and textured with better soundstage and imaging)
You're never going to get the best out of an amazing set of cans like the DT1990 with spotify (even the premium is just 320kbs).
If you don't have a Hi-res source you're not going to get hi-res sound, regardless of what amp and DAC you use.
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If there is noise in the chain from a computer out or cheap phone DAC data only connection to a quality external DAC will improve sound quality. If the sound from the in board DAC of the computer or phone is good all you need is a good amp to drive your headphones. This of course assumed the amp from the computer or mobile device isn't sufficiently driving the headphones.
Also, MP3 and AAC do not equate to poor source material.
Thanks mate, I'm going for the magni 3 for sure, you think the dac is necessary or overkill?
I think a good DAC will clean up your sound enough that it is essential compared to just using the audio out on your computer.
Look at a Schiit-stack: http://www.schiit.com/products/magni-3 http://www.schiit.com/products/modi-2
Then you'll just need some good rca interconnects. Amazon has a bunch for less than $10 for a set.