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Collaboration: Massdrop x Fitsok Spectra Running Socks

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Massdrop x Fitsok Spectra Running Socks Spectra fiber is an innovative, strong, and lightweight fiber created by Honeywell. Made of polypropylene, Spectra is one of the strongest and lightest fibers in the world. It's 15 times stronger than steel, yet light enough to float on water. Plus, it repels chemicals, water, and UV light and pulls heat away from the body—all while offering extreme comfort and a cool touch. Most importantly, Spectra yarn does not retain moisture, which makes it perfect for a next-to-skin product specific to running.
Decades of science and engineering have gone into the development of this fiber, as well as years of field testing under the most extreme military and law-enforcement conditions. The culmination of all this is a fiber that delivers remarkable abrasion and tear resistance. Spectra is used by the military and law enforcement on bulletproof vests, armor, and combat vehicles, and is also used in sails and outdoor technical products like jackets, bags, tents, and ropes.
Taking Spectra yarn into the world of outdoor apparel, we’ve partnered with Spectra and Fitsok to create the first mass-produced running sock, using Spectra’s innovation to ensure the sock is ultra durable, pulls heat off the body, and remains a lightweight product.

Project Updates We’ll add all the project updates here to keep you informed of progress.
· June 18, 2018 - @kim: “We are currently in process with lab and field testing!”
· July 13, 2018 - @kim: Lab testing feedback from Spectra: "we will not have the abrasion test data today because we are at 80,000 cycles and still going. The lab expects to have the data next week" Good sign!


The Fitsok Factory in North Carolina Take a look at where the socks are made.

The drop page is now live. Check the socks out here:
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Like everyone else thats followin, I cannot wait to get my hands on these and try them out!!
It is stated above that Spectra is polypropylene, that is incorrect, Spectra is polyethylene. More specifically, Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene or UHMWPE.
Fixed! Great eye. Thanks.
Thank you! I knew that because I geek out on the oddest things...