Jul 12, 2018104 views

Imagine Dragons' Thunder

Is this song particularly really awfully mastered/mixed (specially bass/lows) or is it really demanding on the lows so that most headphones being to clip?

This is a big part of the problem with contemporary popular music. https://youtu.be/kL13b9hCYjc
I like Imagine Dragons, but I struggle to listen to them since the quality of the audio is for S#%T! It's not your equipment.
As I don't own this song I had to stream it from spotify... can't tell if it's lossy encoding artifacts or just poorly recorded but yeah it sounds pretty bad on my stereo as well as headphones. Pop in general sounds pretty bad so it's not really surprising. Some rap also has distorted/clipped bass right out of the studio. Higher fidelity gear always leaves poor recording casualties in it's wake.
It's in the recording, not the headphones. I hear it on every piece of equipment I've listened to it on, and all of the equipment I've kept had to pass the test of the cannons on the Telarc Kunzel recording of the 1812 Overture (on the right equipment, that's some serious thunder!) so I know it's not a clipping issue.
I like a lot of Imagine Dragons' songs, but I generally find the recording quality to be mediocre. It's a great example of the downside of good equipment - you hear the flaws more clearly.