Recommended IEMs for classical musician?

I'm a violinist that plays in a symphony that records bgm, and the cans the producers provide are garbage (it's hard to provide 80 sets of nice sennies since they're so expensive, I guess). Playing with cans is hard for me and they said I could bring my own IEMs if I so wished. Any recommendations?

Jul 13, 2018
Audiofly AF1120. They are frankly phenomenal and the most comfortable IEM I have ever worn.
Tenured symphony musician here- I can't say that I would recommend IEMs at all for this application. As a violinist I don't think you would need anything with extreme isolation (unless you have an unusual arrangement with you in front of the brass or something) or the bass response of dynamic drivers. You could probably get by with some relatively affordable balanced armatures... I honestly don't think that you can go wrong unless you are planning on using these for leisure listening as well. I wouldn't give up on finding some over-ears that work with your set-up... what is it that you find uncomfortable? I find nice cans to be much more comfortable than IEMs.
Total isolation would be intolerable for me and is problematic in my opinion... maybe some dynamic IEMs would be a decent compromise. I don't think you would need to spend a whole lot for something sufficient for that setting... there are plenty of affordable options by the major manufacturers, I would just suggest aiming for something neutral, unless there is something you are trying to individually compensate for in your mix. There's a reason we use custom-molded earplugs with interchangeable filters... although if you are comfortable playing with old foam plugs you may not mind any of this. I wouldn't rule out that you can find some over-ears that would be comfortable for you... while I don't have any piercings, I have extremely rigid cartilage and most headphones cause me intense pain. If it hurts you a lot and is touching your instrument, my hunch would be that they are just a bad fit for you. I've managed to find a number of models that feel great for me and have modified others that didn't with great success.
I think that since her work is in a recording studio that she is looking for a monitor and not ear plugs.