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Questions on DACs and AMPs

I just recently entered the audiophile world, I picked up the HD58X and absolutely love them, but I am currently using my computer's onboard sound card and I feel like an AMP and DAC would really make these shine more. I don't really have a big budget probably about $100, and I was wondering if I would be better off buying a DAC/AMP combo for that price or getting a AMP for $100 and save up for a DAC when I get the money for it. Also any suggestions for a combo or an AMP, currently looking at the Schitt Fulla 2. Thanks for the help!

For a little over $100 I'd recommend the Shanling M0 DAP - drives them beautifully, plus you would need to step up to full level DAC and amp setup to gain something worthwhile over it. Plus it has LDAC bluetooth receiver capability and with 512GB microSD card could hold quite a bit of high-quality music. Prefer the M0 DAP over my TAB S2 Tablet with the Dragonfly Red via UAPP...
Just buy a Schiit Fulla 2
Everyone who is reading this and has been in your shoes knows you're going to get the amp no matter what anyone says. (because that's exactly what we did) :)
So check out the Audioquest Dragonfly Black or any of the various Fiio DAC/Amp combos that fit your budget. And get the combo, otherwise you'll have the nagging feeling that you are missing something due to the missing DAC.
Now for reason, caution, budget keeping, etc. May not need amp, blah, blah, blah, not magic, blah, blah, have enough volume, blah, blah, better spent on more headphones, blah, blah, blah.
Welcome to your new addiction.
Love, all the addicts who've gone before you. ;)