[Jelly Key] Lost cities 2: City of Catastrophe


View more: In the previous series of the epic rehabilitation of lost cities, we learn it’s the Phaethon Impact created by a massive collision with Earth that once again altered the world order. This critical mayhem broke the continent’s linkage, formed many new lands, and as terribly as destroying cities all over the world. The Earth we once knew was gone, giving rise to a new era known as the Lost Cities Age. Now we would like to take you to a place among these ruins, where the survivors of the Giant Impact made an escape to and gradually built a nuclear-based civilization: Basem –City of Catastrophe. The cause of everything It all starts with a civil war, accelerated by an unbroken hostility between the ruler and the constantly suppressing people. The government of Basem is run by a corrupted policy supported by a supreme dictatorship so its people hardly have the chance to afford a democratic life. The irony here is this city is established by the Phaethon Impact’s survivors, so it’s supposed to become prosperous and glowing and as it should have been. But sometimes the truth can be ugly. These Basem creators turn out to be the mad tyrants, thirsty for power and feasting on the fear of their own people with their evil government. How it’s destroyed What goes around comes around. An army of highly organized insurgents is established to fight against this wicked regime. Realizing that the government military uses ultramodern lethal weapons with an extremely high level of damage, the insurgents know they must be well-prepared. They start to build self-made attack and defense robots embedded with high-tech control panels to combat the government and take down the dictatorship. The day when the war happens is the day when two armies of killing machines start to collide. At this point, it’s very likely that the aftermath should be beginning to dawn on you. Basem is savagely destroyed to a level that nobody can ever imagine how it used to be extraordinarily flourishing and triumphant.

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