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A large aperture on a small budget... can you picture it?

P.N. Chen is a photography enthusiast and has been fascinated with this art since he joined a photography
club in high school. Capturing precious moments in life and recording them in the form of pictures has
always been a wonderful thing for people who adore photography, and Chen is no exception.
Chen was determined to engage in the photographic and optical industries and he never stopped striving
for his dream. In 2000 he was given the opportunity to experience the camera lens production process,
from product design to final assembly. In 2015, he co-founded his own brand Kamlan with some like-
minded friends from Mainland China, Taiwan and Germany.
Chen’s original intention was very simple - design and produce a cost-effective large aperture lens that
met his needs as well as the needs of other like minded photography enthusiasts. With the love of large
aperture lenses and the wish to allow more people be able to afford them, Chen created his own line of
lenses, which led to the birth of the first 50mm F1.1 lens. Now two years later, this lens has quickly gained
industry recognition and has become an important part of what makes Kamlan so special and popular in
the market.


If you have a Kamlan lens please feel free to post the fruits of your labor!
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