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Summer Wardrobe Staples


With summer in full swing, I'd love to know what are some of your favorite must-haves for all purposes: from going on a road trip to a full blown long vacation to working through 100-degree weather.
We've recently featured some great summer items like the Dezzio duffel bag full of features and ready for a beach getaway, and one of my all-time favorites is now live on the site: Seavees' Legend sneakers, truly a California lifestyle classic that's as timeless now as it was back in the 60s when the brand premiered it.
It doesn't have to be all clothing either, it can be an accessory (like your favorite piece of luggage -- Rimowa i'm looking at you!), or grooming products as well. Also, i live vicariously through other people's vacation plans so if you're going anywhere fun would love to hear about it too! ^^;
Tiago Prez, DataWarrior, and 7 others

Irish Linen button down shirts, Keen Waterproof shoes, Columbia pants, 5.11 cargo shorts
Sunscreen to start. Hat and baseball cap , sneakers, nice Avanti Hawaiian silk shirts and I mean shirts, I am like you looking at Rimowa . portable charger. Different pairs of shades indeed. some light breezy shorts or pants . I do not do sandels .
I appreciate the no-sandals approach to summer...hehehe. I'm okay with sandals myself, even in the city (wore my Birkenstock Bostons with socks for a few years). Curious what are your go-to sneakers for the summer, if you have any preference.