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D&D, AD&D Miniatures?

I was wondering if any of you fine folks would be interested in D&D miniatures lot drop? Troll and Toad has some nice lots and Amazon has some decent ones. What would be a preferable price base line?
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I place a poll for D&D Icons of the Realms: Tyranny of Dragons Booster Pack... Lets see if we can get enough people to create a drop.
So how do we get a Miniature Drop started there is a lot of people who would go in on it and I know I could get a bunch of people to use this site to get some pre-painted stuff for games.
Any of the available D&D Icons of the Realm minis would be great. Miniature Market has most of the sets priced as low as $11.56/ea on a 32 pack or $12.50/ea for single packs.
Yes. Starfinder type would be nice. There are not enough of those types out there and a drop of those would be incredible. The demand seems to have drained the market.
Love unpainted metal miniatures.
I'm definitely interested in minis. I'd love some low cost units for common monsters (goblins, orcs, etc.). I've used the pressed board on a vertical plastic holder like the Pathfinder version for a while. Could you either them or plastic or metal. Low cost is my issue. There are great option for players to make a custom mini for a character to fit their needs, but I need volume for encounters with monsters.
Yes please
I would love to have access to some army miniature like wood elves, dwarves and so on to play battle system like Warhammer or 9th Ages
I'd love some unpainted minis! Or paint sets!
Yes! As long as the price is reasonable I think you'll get a decent amount of people interested. Including me.
Yes yes yes
I'm a minis guy so yeah I would love to see them.
Been hoping to see mini's since i joined.
I'd love me some minis
As I was reading the comments, I also thought about maps. I wonder if Pathfinder would sponsor a drop for a bunch of their flip mats for a good price.
I was just about to submit my own request for this! I've been looking for a way to build my mini collection quickly after just starting as a Pathfinder GM about 6 months ago. It's hard for me to say a price line as I haven't bought many of these, but it would be nice to pay no more than $1 or $2 per mini.
I am shocked there seem to be very few minis on here ever, or I literally ALWAYS miss them
I'm glad this is getting some reaction. I really would love some miniatures for my dnd sessions.
Yes! And preferable price is always free. Second preference is as close to free as possible. 😉
Absolutely! It's a big investment when you're getting started, so I'd jump on a deal through massdrop instead of scouring kickstarter for a possible future purchase.