Where are the Massdrop full size keyboards
In the past year or so we've seen some nice modern Massdrop creations based off popular layouts we've seen in the past, mainly speaking of the CTRL and ALT's. In those drops I've seen mentions that a full-size board may be in the works, and I know in this community the full size boards aren't viewed as the most sexy thing... but a lot of us need these for our workflows and don't want separate non-matching 10 keys and to create a ton of key bindings for what would otherwise be straightforward tasks.
I'd agree that there's plenty of off the shelf stuff in the full-size arena, including nice basic mechanical computing boards and then all of the mech gaming boards, but so little in the high end enthusiast space. I'd pay dearly for a full-size board with the styling of the most recent Mito laser ALT drop, and I know there must be plenty of others needing something to fill this void so they don't have to disrupt their workflow efficiency just to appease their keyboard addiction. So the question is will we ever see a full size board drop with this kind of build, look and features that were available in the CTRL and ALT? Call it the NUM or whatever you want and I'll buy it. Who else?

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Nov 24, 2020
I also would like to see full size, i have big hands and would love to extra space.
Mar 6, 2020
I would buy full sized keyboard.
Mar 6, 2020
I want a full size keyboard like this so bad, I manly need the numpad for use in blender and other programs of the such that use keybinds on the numpad. I know people say just rebind them but that's a hassle for so many of them being over there lol. I really hope something is in the works!
Jul 23, 2018
Really all we need is a matching numpad for the CTRL.
In general, full size boards just aren't that popular. Obviously there are still 'gaming' keyboard companies out there doing it, but the numpad is just too infrequently used outside of data entry type tasks.
Personally, I love 96-key and 1800 style keyboards which are equally rare, but they can be found as kits.
Jul 19, 2018
For now there is the 96 key layout that is almost full size which is a good modern compromise to a traditional full layout. I do agree with you about the problem of having a non matching numpad. I'm still using a red Ducky numpad. If Massdrop will sell a TKL or any kind of keyboard less than a full size, at least provide an option for a matching numpad. Finding a matching numpad is way too much of a hassle for me. I'm from the older generation of typists who prefer to have a full size standard layout in general.
As I get deeper into this hobby i'm starting to appreciate the "modern layouts." Heck I even joined the vintage drop for the Mercury Rocketeer 60% board cause it's going back to the basics (I'm lacking 60% and 40% in my collection). These days I get that the arrow keys can be programmed as "WASD, IJKL, or even HJKL." However, the dedicated numpad is nice to have if you are a ten key typist in addition to being a touch typist in general. I guess i'm one of those that must have as many keys on a board to utilize most key sets (including novelties, and some artisans) from a keycap drop that I love. I don't know, I think this community has made me more flexible with layouts since I've attained different kinds of keebs like split ergos, orthos, and soon 60% and 40% just to be fair.
Jul 19, 2018
I agree that the 96 key is close enough, I’d be happy with that or the classic 104. There are a couple options in the enthusiast space with that 96 key layout that aren’t horrible, but I would love for MD to put their spin on the full sizes because I know they could come out with a better overall package. There really isn’t much competition.
One of our personal computers is an iMac without the number pad (probably close to 40% or so) and I’ve spent enough time on it to know that I’m not a fan of that layout compromise even for personal use, much less for actual work. It’s hard to deny that the smaller form factor looks good and takes up less space, but I require my keyboard to do it all... work, general personal use, and gaming all in a single keyboard.