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Kitchen Essentials

How do you organize your kitchen essentials?
We have very limited counter space in my kitchen, and after work I want my meals to be easy and efficient, which I found very challenging. I needed to find a way to be creative in the kitchen and make cooking easy.
I used an old serving tray, and fun containers to displayed all my cooking essentials. With everything near the stove, prep and cooking time have reduced by half and now I can actually enjoy pre/post meal!
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I've just moved in to my first post-college real apartment, and the lack of kitchen space is... pretty unfortunate. I'm think I'm going to go the route of hanging pots/pans/important utensils above a pass-through bar that leads to the dining area. With stainless steel pots/pans it will make for decent functional decoration. Honestly I'm not looking forward to having to repair the wall when I move, but wall-mounted storage is really my only option since I've got extremely limited counter/cabinet space.
use peg board! people usually use it to hang tools, but its also a great way to wall mount all your pots and pans too. Minimal holes in the wall, maximum storage. And it looks pretty good too.
I understand your dilemma (having a small apartment kitchen), but I subscribe to the Julia Child kitchen plan. Keep a work space clear and don't worry about the rest of the counters/cabinets--within reason. My island, next to my stove, is where I create and most of my "essentials" are directly behind me within 1 step.
The venerable Pickapeppa sauces from Shooter’s Hill, Jamaica are unique.
The cabinet spaces in my apartment don't make a lot of sense and you can't store very much inside of them. We ended up using counter space and it was just.. horrifying, mostly because the Black Hole of Spice Jars that seemed to envelope anything that found its way to the counter top.
Now we're trying to keep the countertop as clear as possible and I'm looking into more wall mounted storage paired with open shelving. We're apartment-dwellers so this kind of sucks because we'll have to do some wall repair whenever we leave, but I think it will be worth it. Even just keeping spices off the counter and having a sensible space for things like pots and pans that don't fit inside cabinets will help a ton.
Step 1: Take spice jar, fix either magnet or velcro to spice jar. Step 2: Take opposite magnet (get the ones with adhesive on the back) or velcro and stick to inside of cabinet doors. Step 3: Drink beer admiring your well organized, accessible, and hrrrm how did I get 3 jars of cumin?
Personally, I keep as much OFF my counters as possible. Make sure I have good drawer organizers and keep only what I need on hand. Less clutter on the counter makes the kitchen bigger. And for tools that you don't use regularly, put them in cabinets as far away as possible. Most important thing - determine what you think are essentials. For me, it's a shorter list. And those are the things I keep handy and close by. Shears, a good pairing knife, a good chefs knife, a couple of good pans, etc. etc.
I would also prefer things to not be on the counter, but with limited drawer space and counter space you make do! I’d love to see your kitchen :)