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A quick and easy guide for new members

What Is Massdrop? Massdrop is a community-driven commerce site. We make products with input from our members and give them a place to connect, learn, and shop with people who share their interests.
Members have a say in everything that happens on the site, from the products we sell to the communities we’re a part of. If it’s something that excites you, we want to know about it.
Today, Massdrop is home to 19 diverse communities, ranging from audiophile gear and mechanical keyboards to cooking, knitting, and the outdoors.
Enthusiast Products DROPS “Drops” are limited-time sales events. We launch new drops every day and you can sort them based on what’s new, what’s recommended, and what’s ending soon. When you find a product you love, simply click “Join Drop” to place your order.
Each drop has its own discussions section, where members can ask questions and share expertise related to that specific product. Many drops we’ve launched in the past also have a reviews section, where you can read about verified purchasers’ experiences with the product.
If the drop period has ended, that means the product isn’t currently available for purchase. But don’t worry: Click the “Request” button and we’ll notify you when it comes back.
See Drops: massdrop.com/my-communities/drops
MASSDROP MADE Along with sourcing products our members ask for, we collaborate with like-minded brands and designers to make brand-new products. Headphones, keyboards, tents, pocket knives, raw denim, and more—Massdrop Made products run the gamut and they’re only available here.
You can join the first production run to be among the first people in the world to own a particular product. Or, check out previously released products that are already in stock and ready to ship.
See what’s new: massdrop.com/massdrop-made
See what’s in stock: massdrop.com/all-communities/drops/stock
Driven by Community POLLS Remember when we said everything on Massdrop is driven by its members? Polls are the best way to tell us what you think! Start your own poll or vote in someone else’s to let us know which products you’d like to see on the site, which brands we should work with, and which communities we should enter next.
See Polls: massdrop.com/my-communities/polls
TALK Here, you can post anything related to a community and read what other people have posted. Not sure what to post? Projects, show-and-tells, and general questions are all fair game, and you can get more ideas by looking under “Categories.”
Like what another member has to say? Click the thumbs-up button under their post to endorse them. You can also click their username to see their profile and “Follow” them to be notified when they post something new.
See Talk: massdrop.com/my-communities/talk
DISCOVER Every member’s Discover feed is unique. Customized based on the communities you’re subscribed to, it features a mix of products, posts, and polls we think you’ll be interested in.
See Discover: massdrop.com/my-communities/discover
YOUR PROFILE Massdrop is a social place! Let other members know what you’re about by updating your profile with a picture and bio. In your profile, you can also keep track of the drops you’ve joined and all your posts, comments, and polls.
See your profile: massdrop.com/profile/me
What Next? We’re so glad you’re on Massdrop. Now comes the fun part!
First, go to your settings to make sure you’re subscribed to all the communities you’re interested in: massdrop.com/settings/community
Once that’s done, go to your Discover feed and start exploring: massdrop.com/my-communities/discover
Any questions? Our Help Center has you covered: helpdesk.massdrop.com
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Why is there no women’s clothing and accessories?
i like party parrots.
i like party parrots.....
So needed. By so many.

.........even us been here for a little whilze peeps.
User profiles are a great thing here and greatly underutilized by many! They are a great way to get to find people that are into a lot of the same hobbies as you.
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More recruits for the cult of the party parrot.....
It should be a real religion.