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Inherited some cool old cameras

These belonged to my great grandfather. Don't know much about them, but thought they were a cool find.

  • Pentax ME Super w/ Takumar-A 28 - 80mm Macro
  • Voigtlander Vito Automatic
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The ME Super was my first camera!!!
If you have a newer mirrorless camera, micro 4/3 apsc, or full frame you can find lens adaptors on ebay for less than $10. You will only be able to use manual focus but olds lenses are frequently great "glass". Panasonic and olympus have cameras that start about $500 that are great intros to modern photography. Dslrs will not work with those lenses.
Now I really feel old! I bought my ME Super in the early 80's and shot tons of slides while stationed in Germany and traveling Europe.
I've got a Minolta at home. Really sad that they sold their lenses to Sony :(
Really dig seeing these. I've picked up a bunch of thrift store finds recently and have been playing and attempting to rejuvenate them. Have been surprised at how little work it takes for some of these to be fully working again. Here's a "few" I've picked up (yes, there are more).
Wow, I haven't seen those in such good condition since I was young. You are a very lucky person! I don't know if they are worth much to anyone but collectors but none the less, hold on to them. From the condition they look to be in I would guess they still take some very nice pictures. Now all you have to do is find some place to get film for it... lol Thanks for sharing, seeing them brought back some great memories.
Both are real gems! I have the Spotmatic, which my dad bought new in the late 60s and still chugging along like a champ! If you want to have the Spottie srviced, there is Eric in TN who provides the best service. send me a PM and I'll send you the contact info.
The Vito is a great camera, can be quirky but it will provide a lot of enjoyment for you I have a VitoB and as long as the lightmeter is working you have a winner. These cameras are easy to service and you can probably do it yourself if you are mechanically inclined
So cool! I dig the Voigtlander Vito Automatic.
oh man, I've got a very similar Voigtländer! I've got the Vitomatic ii. it was my grandfather's first camera when he escaped Hungary in '56, bought it brand new in West Germany.
Have fun shopping for used manual focus Pentax lenses on eBay! There is some great glass available for super cheap. Get that Super refurbed and go take pictures, you'll love it.
Absolutely. My old Pentaxes are my favorites to pull out when I feel nostalgic to go shoot some film. The ME Super is compact, had some advanced features for its day, and they sold a ton of them. And yes there are some GREAT lenses out there.
Cool cameras. Would like to see some images from them, especially the Voigtlander.
Nice! I still have my old ME Super, it was my "daily driver" through high school.
They do have a quirky flaw, but only if you're not careful screwing into the tripod mount. There's a little cap inside which can get dislodged and then has a tendency to end up jamming between two arms of the wind/shutter cocking mechanism. It's an easy and pretty obvious fix one you know about it, but obscenely difficult to figure out without advance warning (don't ask why I know that...). If you ever find the camera won't wind don't force it.
Thanks for the tip! I'll keep it in mind when I get the chance to use it.
Very cool cameras! The Voigtlander looks like it would be fun to do B/W street photography with. http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Vito_Automatic_I http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Pentax_ME_Super
Actually, I looked a bit deeper and now see that the Vito is not a rangefinder like it appeared to be. You just have to estimate the distance to subject and set the focus. But intriguing that it has a simple auto-exposure.
I've got an old Olympics Pen half-frame with one of these funky selenium meter driven auto exposure mechanisms. It's surprisingly simple and elegant engineering.
Very cool! Do they happen to be in working condition too?
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Agreed - there are few convenient places that D & P locally these days although I have one photo shop here in Exeter (UK) that makes a reasonable job of develop and scan me and they DO return my negs. If I want fine printing done I have to order from more remote specialists. I am just getting back to developing b&w again myself.
If you don't mind dealing with the mail, here in Portland (OR), both Blue Moon Camera (https://www.bluemooncamera.com) and Citizen's Photo (http://www.citizensphoto.com) both do film processing and printing with quality results.