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What's your favorite batting for quilts used in the summer?

As we are smack dab in the middle of summer I find the temperature fluctuations difficult to sleep! Sometimes I want a down comforter and sometimes just a sheet will do. When making quilts do you take into account the season that they will be used? Do you have a favorite batting that is good for hotter nights during the summer? Maybe I'm the only one with out air conditioning... :-)
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Dream cotton.
Dream Cotton
Dream cotton love 100% cotton batting
Dream Orient Bamboo.
I still make "summer" quilts the way everyone did when I was growing up: for a batt use diaper weight cotton flannel and tie the quilt. They are very lightweight and perfect for a nap on a shady porch swing or daybed on a screened porch.
I live in Central Texas and I love Bamboo batting. We have bamboo sheets and they are very comfortable in hot and cool weather. I Would probably go with the Oriental.
Dream cotton
Quilter's Dream wool batting is my favorite. I live in central Texas and sleep under it year round. It's warm in the winter, cool in the summer and light weight. A win win win!
Cotton for summer. You’ll still Want to throw off the quilt on a hot night. Sometimes I sleep with a bottle of... Refrigerated bottled water!! Odd thing to cuddle up to, but right against my chest, it helps me sleep *despite* my comfy-but-hot memory foam. Bamboo is a bit cooler but I’ve worked a lot with bamboo... softest stuff ever... but might not hold up as well washing after washing. Hand-made Quilts are *dang* time intensive and way more expensive than store-bought. You want that thing to last forever. ;)
I love dream batting I use either the dream poly, or dream cotton for all my quilts.. and I have used the dream wool too.. I will not use any other brand... I prefer the cotton for summer as it is a bit lighter and cooler..
Wool always, and I live outside Phoenix.
Now, I use cotton, almost exclusively. When I first started out, I used polyester, because I didn’t know anything else. I have used wool, once, but didn’t like the feeling of it as I worked with it. It cling to my hands strangely. But, as I was using it in a quilt that was going to a friend in the middle of nowhere Alaska, I thought the wool would be nice.
Dream Orient - all year long!!
I prefer wool all year. Nothing breathes as well and nothing makes a quilt look better than wool. It’s a win, win, win.
I swear by Dream Orient. I send my quilts out to be quilted by a professional, and she loves it, too. It's got a wonderful drape and perfect weight. I've made all 4 of my grands quilts with it that have been washed again and again, and the batting has held up really, really well. I've made larger quilts with it, too, and they're not washed all the time like the kids' quilts, but they're doing great, too. I only make quilts that will be in regular use, and I want batting that holds up well.
I bought this last year and I never received it. I will never buy from Maxwell again. I know they won't post this comment.
Quilters Dream wool. I have a quilt on my bed using QD wool and it is cool in summer, warm in winter, drapes beautifully and is not heavy
I love Hobbs Thermore. Lightweight and drapes nicely.
I like Quilter's Dream Request and Select.
Warm and natural
Quilters Dream Request is my very favorite.
Yes Wool battling
Can u throw a wool batting quilt in the washing machine or does it need dry-cleaned?
Yes! I wash mine in cold water and dry in a cool or low heat dryer with no problem.
Wool batting is a good option for bed quilts.
My preference is Quilters Dream Angel-Request. Great for hand or machine quilting.
Hobbs Tuscany Silk!!! Lightweight and breathable.
Do you have to had-wash or dry-clean the silk batting? I have silk thread I wanted to use but as told it shrinks when washed... don’t want that!!!
so when do they tell you how much it is>>?? new to mass drop
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Thank you for replying. I have not joined lately since I didn't receive what I ordered. I will contact customer support. Thank you!
Yeah, totally understand that. Thanks for letting us know. 👍
It's interesting that so many people like bamboo. My long arm quilter hates it for quilting. I have never used it so I have no personal experience with quilting on my Janome at home. Anyone else have trouble with it?
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I liked it at first but after several years of wash and wear I wouldn’t ever buy it again. I though it was a good eco choice but not after seeing how it didn’t hold up.
I'm a longarm quilter and I love it. No trouble at all.
Dream cotton
Dream cotton
Oh, I NEVER use wool! Please check out the cruelty in the industry of how the sheep are severely mishandled. You will be in shock and never buy anything wool again.
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My Dad raises sheep and sells wool - I can assure you he treats his sheep like family.
I grew up on a farm and we raised sheep. They were never mishandled.