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What are your summer knitting projects?

It seems like summer is too warm to think about knitting sweaters and scarfs. Do you switch to smaller projects like pillows? Or maybe you're more organized then me and begin to think about what you want to make for holiday gifts. Personally, I prefer smaller projects during the summer; ones that I can take camping and in the car. What are your favorite summer projects?
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I haven't graduated into lace weight yarns, so, summer is crochet mesh tshirt time. They always look great over a tank top. Also I get a headstart on Xmas knitting.
for me it's more about how much my hands will sweat. If I'm indoors (most of the time)the weather/season has no impact on what I work on. But if I'm traveling I want a lace or silk or linen project in the summer, then wool or alpaca or bulky weight in the winter.
I find that having socks (two at a time, toe up on a 40” circular) ready to go all year long works for me. Especially in warmer weather. But I also make hats with a group at my library for the merchant seaman Christmas gift project. Hats and socks don’t make me feel itchy like a big project with. Oh and a cotton washcloth is another good warm weather project.
I can't wait to be sock-worthy (I'm working on it).
cotton projects - dish cloths, toys, grocery bags, small light projects are great!
I do more sewing in the summer but also knit and crochet stuffed toys. They're small and a great way to use up scraps.
I don't have an yet... Way to busy sewing.