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What Luxury Backpacking Items Are Worth The Weight?

Sometimes the extra weight can be worth it on backpacking trips. What are those "luxury" items you just have to bring along?
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A Therm-a-Rest Compressible camp pillow, Small size is 7oz, Medium is 9oz. Small one is great in a hammock. Medium is a little better on a pad, especially when side-sleeping. A "real" pillow greatly improves my sleep, if the head and neck are comfortable I'm halfway there.
MSR Guardian Water Pump. Knowing that me and my team's gut are void of virus-level nasties is worth the weight. Especially useful with larger groups, but I started taking it to the CA Sierra with 2-people outings as well. Always have someone give me grief about a 1 lb filter, until their gravity filter stops the show or one of them gets sick. Just worth it to me.
I go uber-light but always take a Helinox Chair Zero. At just over half a kilo and the size of a drink bottle it earns its inclusion the minute you sit down in it after a long day on the trail.
Camp Time Mini Light Stool!
I go ultralight and hammock camp so weight is a consideration except for two items and one of them reduces in weight ( gets a lot lighter ) during the trip. 1st is my pair of camouflaged Crocks as camp shoes and even as hiking shoes at times. 2nd. a Gatorade 12 oz bottle emptied of the Gatorade and filled with a good Sour Mash Bourbon. Somehow it's weight decreases ( it's one of life's mystery's ) as the days past till the only weigh is the empty gatorade bottle at the trail head on the last day.
My luxury items I refuse to give up: 1.) Nemo Fillo. I need a pillow at night. I sleep in my puffy usually. This one is worth it at 3 ounces. 2.) Sea to Summit XMug. I'm a coffee addict. 1/3rd of my food bag is instant coffee. Watching the sun rise with a cup of hot coffee is why I go backpacking. 3.) Foam flip flops/Injini socks: My pair weigh 5.9 ounces and I NEED to dry my feet at the end of the day. Its not open for debate. Lol
I would say a chair, but, as I hammock camp, my bed doubles as a chair. My luxuries would be a flask of single malt, some chocolate, and a good friend.
Couldn't agree more
Helinox Cot Lite. Not for the ultralight crowd at ~2.5 lbs, but for anyone who wants to sleep like they're in a bed, this is awesome. If you're not going far, it's really not too much to ask to carry it along.
without any doubt, a 236ml Stanley flask full of single malt whiskey. perfect diversion from back-breaking trekking.
In order of preference and price:-
  1. My dog, Rufus and his gear. OMG. He's really a luxury to bring along. He carries his food in his pannier and I carry his foldable bowls!
  2. Katadyn Water Filter
  3. Euroschirm Telescopic Handsfree Trekking Umbrella that allows you to have both hands free.
  4. Fujinon binoculars for bird/animal-watching.
  5. Helinox Chair One. See picture. (Looks like Chair Zero is several hundred grams lighter)
  6. Klymit Inertia O-zone air mattress
  7. Down sleeping bag.
  8. Sea2Summit Sleeping Silk Liner and fleece for Rufus.
  9. Decathlon 3-man tent. It's actually a no-man tent because if I camp with Rufus, he wouldn't let any man in! :D
  10. Solar panel USB charger
  11. Travel John - portable urinal bags.
  12. Portable camp shower that heats up in the day to have a hot shower in the evening.
  13. 20" nonstick Queensense (Korean brand) fry pan
  14. Optimus multi-fuel stove.

Thanks for sharing!
Booze. Always booze. Pyramid Rum for me. And also I’m in the “camp” that carries a chair. I have the Alite but will be switching to the slightly lighter REI at some point. In order to make carrying a chair worth it, weight wise, I have seriously cut down on other items and upgraded things like switching to an EE quilt, carrying less clothing, and using a Shires Tarptent. Also switched my bag to a Gossamer. That all said, I don’t carry my chair when I’m required to carry an actual bear cannister. Even though I much prefer to sit on a chair, I can’t stand carrying both since the can is so heavy (for my week long trips).
Absolutely without a doubt... flip flops. Slipping on some flip flops in camp after a hard hike feels so good.
Down booties, 2 person tent, large backpack, extra food, stove, extra water, extra socks, sit pad, towel, extra towel in wet weather, umbrella in wet or extremely sunny weather.
+ One for the Helinox Chair Zero , BUT when can we get this drop happening? There are LOTS of comments wanting it but NO Massdrop?
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Are you talking about the "Flexlite"? Pretty sure it is heavier than Helinox chair zero
The Flexlite AIR. Differenr than the original. Just checked. It’s 1lb. Same as chair zero. But cheaper. And I think more comfortable.
At my age, a UL folding chair, like the Helinox Chair Zero, is an absolute must in camp after a long day backpacking. The extra pound in weight is well worth it.
What i carry depends on the trip... but likely candidate items include...wine, fishing tackle, a book, a small axe. For some reason i really enjoy red wine when camping and have some boxed go tos that often join me. Fishing tackle is great for entertainment as well as fresh food sources. I know I can probably do better with an e-Reader on my phone but I love the tactile feeling of a paper book (plus phone gets shutdown in trips for a dann good reason). And having a two and a half pound 20in X really allows me to get a better fire and seeing as I do most of my camping during winter time I really like having a fire that goes as long as I'm at that site.
My GSI outdoors Commuter Java coffee press. It is worth the carry weight (9.6 oz), and can also be used as an additional H2O carrier. I store my bag of coffee in it when not in use.
Flask of good Scotch.
My titanium barbells...
To each their own...
Gotta get those reps in brah...
my Keith ultralight stool is my luxury, and fits perfect in the back pocket of my Zpack Ark Hual👍👍👍👍
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Klymit X pillow (1.9 oz.) and Thermarest stuff-sack/pillow (2 oz). And my Crocs (12 oz) and thick comfy socks (Smartwool mountaineering, 4.5 oz)
Hammock with straps. Bug net and tarp to taste but at least the hammock in addition to your actual sleep setup (assuming tent)
A satellite communicator!
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I’m looking for the Garmin InReach Mini!
I consider this one of my ten essentials! Which leaves me room for a different luxury item :)
Beer. Surprised nobody else mentioned this one. A couple cans of beer, maybe even a sixer if we are base camping.
Cheers to that!
Helios chair one!! And my travel pillow
On backpacking trips I always take a Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 chair and a pillow. I just bought a Sea to Summit Aeros pillow that is only 2.8 ounces and seems very comfortable. The crazy Creek chair is a little heavy at 21 ounces but it is great to sit in and lean back after a long day.