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Help me decide what Iem earphones I should get

Hello guys I am trying to decide if I should buy the Shure SE425, Rha t20I, AKG n20 or the Noble edc bell.
Can you guys help me what I should get.

Thanks in advance.

U can buy rha which has good sound and durable built quality under 200 t20i and mee audio pinnacle p1 is good.but i prefer rha because of changing sound when filter changed
Whats your opinion between shure 425 and the rha
Ofcourse rha t20i is better that shure 425.
What are your listening tastes and how do you plan to use these? I mean.... Knowing the type of music preferred can go a long way in being able to make decent recommends. Knowing if you plan to do jogging or jumprope or sitting on the sofa while using them also matters. How much do you want to spend?
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Ok so I have had a look at the mee p1 pinnacle is it better than the rha t20I or worse?
I have both.
The RHA is built like a tank. Very durable. Has little filters that allow you to choose the sound sig,( a bit), that you prefer.
The MEE , in my opinion, has a more detailed, more clinical sound.... and it has, in my opinion again, a better range too. So, while it's a bit less bass heavy, it handles vocals better, with a more crisp and more open sound.
They are both quite good. Just different flavours of good.
The RHA might be better for gym use. If your ear canals can handle the fit,(this is where making sure that you try all the tips until you find the right fit X isolation), try the different filters to see what makes the music sound best to you.
The MEE is probably best for sitting on the sofa listening, vs the RHA. Neither is better or worse. Just DIFFERENT.