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JACK Studio SA Bee Custom Keycap Set

The Bee novelties kit was launched in May by Jack Studio & 0.01, and published in China's major keycap websites, has been greatly welcomed by our keycap enthusiasts. In order to continue this "Yellow Storm", Jack Studio has designed SA Bee Custom Keycap Set with 16 option kits.

The bee legend on “ESC” is the original little bee that captures a large number of fans quickly in its cute shape, but just as if the cuteness seems to be a little worse, why not making this little bee more interesting? Afterwards, we came up with the legends such as sword bees, honeycomb and so on to let more keycap enthusiasts random thoughts.

In order to enrich the bee elements, the designer has also came up with various shapes of bees, chrysanthemums, tamper sticks and so on. Of course, finally, a special “Bee” alphabet for enter key is used to draw a perfect ending.
Voting link:https://www.massdrop.com/vote/JACK-Studio-SA-Bee-Custom-Keycap-Set



60% Kit


40% Kit



87% Kit

104% Kit......

All Kit
KrashBerry, andtar, and 87 others

Hey @JACK_Studio, Would you guide me for Taobao process? All of your products' prices are 999 yuan which is scary for me cause I'm willing to order about 5 sets (which will be about $1000 regarding Taobao's setting ). I can guess the price is not an actual one and will be fixed when you guys accept the order though. I wanna convince what will gonna be happen when I place an order from Taobao with 999 yuan, and want to know how much will be actual prices roughly . I cannot do an experiment with the platform because I don't fully trust Chinese providers. Sorry if it bothers you but it's not irrational prejudice based on my experiences before.
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Do you mean I can contact Taobao's customer service? I don't think they will listen to my request as I am just a buyer. They have noticed some reasons why they set such a ridiculous price on the front. I guess they meant the price was temporarily set because they have to do something with provider (you!), but I don't fully get it with the translated the Chinese contents. 999 yuan may not be your intended price (right?). And all I want to know is how I can buy it with proper price you would set! Please help this dying customer who's fallen in love with the keycaps :)
Place an order but don't pay,i will ask them to change the price.and then you pay it
Do you have any keycaps for Leopold's fc660c?
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That site doesn't really work well. It's got poor English translations, there is no Topre section and the UI doesn't work well.
But there's no other way to buy it.
Just saw some of these in my grab bags!
@JACK_Studio hey what program/software do you use to design and create these renders?
@JACK_Studio Can I still order the 104% key set of the SA Bee keycaps? I'm in love with them!
You can try to buy it through Taobao. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z38n.10677092.0.0.11891debVTd3xq&id=576928203169 If this link doesn't work, go to Taobao and search for the jack keyboard
Hey @JACK_Studio any chance we could get the novelties add on pack redrop again? I really want the honeycomb key!
I'm so sorry,honeycomb key is a limited edition before...
Hey guys
You know the ISO kit is missing two of the four required caps for basic functionality, i'm not talking legends here, i'm talking if you bought alphas, mods and ISO it physically would not be enough keycaps to fit on a standard iso board.
when is this dropping on MD?
Love the color combo on this set. I would totally buy this!
Thank you support!
Can't wait to join the drop! Love the colors.
We're really glad you like the keycap set !
this looks so nice!!! definitely gonna get a set
You'll get it
amazing color combo
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will buy it
Thank you support!
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Love this! I would definitely bee interested.
Thank you support!
Sooooooo cute :P
kawaii desu ne
The original BEE logo is my design, so must cute :P
Will definitely pick up a few kits myself for sure!
Thank you support!
looks nice for me. i like the color way :p
We're really glad you like the keycap set
A clean looking set! I want one :((
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hey dude you know the ISO kit is missing two of the four required caps for basic functionality, i'm not talking legends here, i'm talking if you bought alphas, mods and ISO it phyiscally would not be enough keycaps to fit on a standard iso board.
The latest plan adds iso kit