I am about to ask maybe the dumbest question. But i noticed in the accent modifiers, there are many keys missing in comparison to the regular modifier, like does this mean, people usually buy both of those? Im asking because i would think i should only need to get the alphas and accent modifiers, BUT the accent ones are missing a 7u spacebar? Could someone please educate me on this?


Aug 11, 2021
Someone posted on Reddit a while back about not having a full set for a 60% board after ordering alphas and accent mods. I believe Backspace, Capslock, and Tab were the odd ones out that they had to sub in placeholders.
Jul 28, 2021
Yes, the alphas+modifier kit is supposed to complete “most” 65%+ keyboards (like the average person should be fine with alphas and modifiers to complete their build) and the accent kit is an addition to accent your build, not necessarily be all that you need. Some board, layout, person etc will always be left out with kitting and will need to purchase more than they need just to get a couple caps to finish a build. It’s just how it is unfortunately. If 7u was in there, something else would be left out and someone would be asking the same question about split bars or w/e lol. Not a dumb question though. Anyone outside the keeb community would look at it like we’re all insane. Buying a $52 kit or w/e just for a single keycap? Yep, but such is the way of the keeb.