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why cant there be some over ears under 100bucks.. always these luxury things

AKG M220 (pretty much a recolored K240), if you are interested. Problem is it still responds a lot to your DAC/amp like higher end cans, and will only sound good when you already have a good system. Plug it in your computer and you'll be greeted by your hp out's messy highs, bland mid and weak lows. Those designed to work with computers/phones at least tries to draw your attention away from the weakness of the outputs.
Philips SHP9500 are awesome for super cheap
Bose AE.
How about the HE-350?
Mostly because the margins at that price point don't really work with Massdrop's business model. That's a very competitive price point. There's pretty much no way for Massdrop to work a group buy that would be beneficial over a super high volume retailer like Amazon. If you want a headphone at that price point, you're generally better off looking to someone like that.
That's not to say that they haven't happened. I've seen drops in the past for the CAL! and SHP9500 for example. They just don't really do much for Massdrop.