Interest Check: Hot Sauces
Hey guys!
We want to know what hot sauces all of you are into. It’s our aim to start sourcing these types of drops and we want your input so we can provide what’s best for the community.
· What do you look for in a hot sauce? · Are there particular brands you like? · Are you all for the flavor, or are you just looking for whatever has the most heat?
Lastly, we have a few sauces that we’ll have in store very soon so stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated.
Let us know what you think and what suggestions you might have in the discussion.

P.S. Sauces in the office!
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Apr 29, 2020
I definitely look for a good hot sauce that adds not only a good kick, but also a more flair to the overall flavor of whatever I'm eating. Basically, don't just be hot just to be hot. Some of my favorite hot sauces to compare to are: mango habenero, asian zing, tabasco original, tabasco chipotle!
Hey, figured I’d drop in, doesn’t seem like there’s been a hot sauce drop in quite a while, anything on the horizon?
May 25, 2019
I love hot sauce, but what is most important to me is SHIPPING TO ISRAEL. we don't have a big hot sauce culture here so it's hard to find the really good stuff. You mostly find Tobasco and some Frank's. It's just not good enough, I had to order hot sauce from Texas just to get that real burn from 300k+ shu
May 11, 2019
The original brand of Sriracha from Thailand -- Sriracha Panich -- has gotten weirdly hard to find. Might be a great group buy if you could track down the distributor. There's a Bon Appetit article on it here. Also, Todd's Inner Beauty Hot Sauce is amazing and more people should know about it.
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May 9, 2019
Wiltshire Farms out of England is surprisingly good.
Jan 30, 2019
Since your warehouse seems to be near NYC (it looks like most of the stuff I've ordered ships from Edison, NJ) what are the chances y'all could team up with Halal Guys and do a drop of their white and red sauces since they're selling them by the bottle now?
Jan 20, 2019
Hi: I discovered a grouping of sauces on a visit to Portugal in 1995. I loved them all. Unfortunately, even though they were the top selling sauces there, they were not available here in the United States. The owner of the company, who I met through a friend in Cascais, agreed to send me products whenever I needed more. At barbecues and dinners at my home, my friends and family would always ask for some to take home. Last year I retired from my 46-year career in IT and started importing these sauces for retail sale. I am acting as a distributor. I showcased them and a few other products I have chosen to represent (sea salt from Portugal, sugar from Mauritius, Linguicia from Portugal and jam from Corsica) at the National Restaurant Show at McCormick Place in Chicago and they were really well-received. Any interest? Let me know.
Jan 11, 2019
Jersey Bonfire is fantastic! Got a bottle in a subscription box once and almost drank it straight. Born to Hula does a great job as well. Their Guajillo Monster has a great smokey heat
Jan 9, 2019
Two of my favorites are Jersey Barnfire and Voodoo Chile Sauces. Jersey Barnfire is local to me and they're pretty innovative, they make a wide variety of great stuff. Voodoo makes my go-to bloody mary hot sauce: Bacon X.
Everything I've tried from these guys is incredible: Hazel and Ash Organics. I'd love to see a Massdrop sampler of their wares.
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