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The upcoming Drop HD 800 in the works vs my existing Drop Focal Elex

I'm very interested in the upcoming custom Drop HD 800 I'm aware some noted mastering houses use the older HD 800(S?) so that peaks my interest in them. It seems the Senn is sometimes used to identify any treble artifacts in tracks. I currently use the Elex, and I really like the relaxed, fairly accurate sound. 10 months of use now, and I just had the left driver fail. Drop is sending another new set as I type. I feel like I'm dealing with a finicky product with the Elex, and that is a drag, but the sound is working and I enjoy them. Oluv, on Youtube, compared the Elex and the HD 800S. The Elex was better in some ways, though some felt otherwise. I guess I could sell the Elex if the Drop HD 800 smokes it. I see that I can return the Drop HD 800 if I don't like it, so I just ordered it. Shipping in November 2021.
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