Better switch options

I know MD is more or less just a conduit for group buys and generally speaking will just connect buyers with existing vendors for group discounts. There are some products MD works with the vendor/manufacturer to offer an exclusive product only available on MD, and on those products the options are usually a little better.
That being said, is there any way MD could try and convince the mechanical keyboard vendors who sell their keyboards as kits and/or assembled from kits to offer better switch options when selling at MD? I have a feeling I'm not the only one really not interested in getting cherry mx blue/red/brown/black switches.
Kaihua is kicking ass with their various switches, and it'd be really awesome, if we had the option of choosing those switches more often that we currently are.

Jul 27, 2018
After the recent discussions on the 'stemgate' issues with Kailh Box switches, it'd be nice to see more offerings that weren't Kailh...
Jul 29, 2018
RIP Time to evacuate Laser off of my keyboard and get some normal switches... (box OJ) Checked a few caps and sure as shit there's already stress lines inside the horizontals in the stems.. HEEEEECCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK'N HECK HECK HECK
I'm going to try to shave some of the stemgate off, if I can find the time and tools...
Jul 29, 2018
It's going to be a hell of a lot of *extremely* meticulous work attempting to fix those switches. Better option would just be to use non-box switches for the time being.
That said, I've already written off my Laser set, which sucks, but whatever. I'll replace it if it ever re-launches but there's no sense in removing the stretched caps and attempting to use them on a non-box board at this point. I'll also be getting my hands on a set of calipers soon to do my own testing on this. It's mainly out of personal curiosity, but I'll post what I find here regardless.