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Massdrop x Noble X Universal IEM Earphone Review by mark2410


This is only me and living in a free world it's fine to disagree!
My instant thoughts, why don't you post and discuss here, too. Simple copycat of your review at head-fi to this posting of yours.
To keep drops, polls ... locked and private is fine, but to give me a better knowledge of where you're coming from and have participated in this community it would be helpfull for better judgement of your review to let me know. Your 21 posts so far aren't that helpfull on that behalf and trying to convince others or not to participate in something, openess is very helpfull.
Have a nice weekend
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well those things are true but i believe Massdrops thinking is by aiming such products at a rather audiophile market the best people to get in are crazy hardcore audio peeps such as my good self. Not that im saying there arent droppers with extensive audio experience but i cannot say off the top of my head that i am familiar with any.
Hello Mark,
ty for your answers, not up to me to judge that, i do understand both sides, even though i find this disrespectfull for the community here.