Dec 3, 2016160 views

I am getting the DT-990s!

Looking for some amp/dac combo reccomendations below $150.

Schiit just released a $99 all in one unit named the Fulla 2. Check it out.
If you plan to set up a desktop dac/amp, I would recommend Schiit stack (modi 2 + magni 2). They are extremely popular in headphone world for a reason: they are the best for entry level and they are so good that you don't even need to upgrade in a long run. The only down side is that they are a bit over your limit. If you plan for portable, Fiio makes great product for the price.
Get the CEntrance DACport Slim next time it drops. i currently own this one to pair with my akg k553 headphones, and i LOVE EM!!! i can hear small details in games and music that i overheard with my astro a40 gaming headset