Jul 26, 2018

Tailor in SF Bay Area

Anybody have experience with a good tailor in the SF Bay Area? I have a coat that I would like some alterations made to. I have never had interactions with a tailor before, so I'm unsure of what to look for and ask when picking one. Therefore, was hoping somebody already knows of a skillful, trustworthy tailor that they would be willing the share their info with me (:

Thank you.
steve, Tyler, and 1 other

I got a couple... Vladimir Vladimirov - Downtown SF : https://www.facebook.com/tailorsf His shop tailors Hermes, Armani, Gucci, Barneys, Saks and such. He is legit, he does cost. Zacky Tailor - Outer Sunset - Taraval and 16th Zacky was Herb Caen's & Willy Brown's tailor in the 20th century and is older (80++), keeps his own schedule and tailors to keep busy. He is an older master craftsman and does have rigid opinions. He still does great work.
If you're in the east bay I absolutely recommend Anatoly's on Piedmont Ave. The tailors their know their stuff from jeans to suits to jackets. I've gotten a number of clothes tailored their and a friend got a barbour fixed their.
Also, they're happy to do a lot of cool custom work, just ask Kay and he'll show you all sorts of fun fabrics, etc.
Viktoria. Older-ish Russian lady who loves a conversation and would be my ultimate reco. My wife has been going to her for years, and I just went to get a suit for a wedding done and she did great.
Victoria’s Clothing ReDesign https://www.yelp.com/biz/victorias-clothing-redesign-san-francisco
You're the man Duncan, thank you. I'll let her know that you & yours sent me over. Have a great day!
Edit: Changed "I" to "I'll."
Awesome! She's a pretty thoughtful and creative person so I hope it works out well with your coat.