Jul 26, 2018537 views

On average, how accurate are ship-by dates?

Hi everyone,
I joined the Sigma 18-35mm drop yesterday, and I was just wondering if anyone has any idea if a ship-by date on massdrop is a fairly accurate estimate on average. It's just that I've read comments here and there complaining about much longer than expected waits for orders to ship. It won't bother me if it does end up being a bit late, but it would be nice to know ahead of time if it's likely to ship late (or early even?).

Yes! It shipped a week early! It really made my day yesterday to see the shipping confirmation email in my inbox.
My later drops have been ahead of schedule.
My very first drop was like you, a Sigma 18-35mm lens. That was in January 2017, and I recall it was delayed around 5 or so days beyond the estimated ship date. Massdrop tends to give an update about the estimated ship date if there will be a delay, but typically no other communication.
January this year I also joined another Sigma drop, for the 150-600mm Contemporary lens. It shipped a few days earlier than the estimated date and actually arrived the day after that estimated ship-by date.
Thanks - a bit earlier would be ideal, but a short delay isn't a big deal. Now that I'm thinking about it, I did order a camping pad a few years ago that shipped well ahead of schedule. Fingers crossed!