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Full-sized headphones under 350$ for electro (synth/dreamwave/ambient)

Hi there! I need to choose fullsized (+closed) headphones for electro (synthwave, dreamwave, ambient, vocals) genres. I think that they shall have a fast and articulate bass (without an overdose of mid-bass), well-balanced middle range frequency (for vocals) and NO power-saw-like treble freqency :D
Genres: 80% electro music (except for genres like dubstep, trap etc.), 20% cloud-rap
Having: 3 y.o JBL Synchros S700
Source: Colorfly c200 (ess 9018 K2M)
Thinking of:
-Sony MDR-1A Limited Edition (315$)
-ATH MSR-7 Special Edition (350$)
Any advices or ideas?

MSR7 Special probably has too little bass for your tastes, cos it does for me. I own close-to-neutral headphones like K712, HE400i and the like (THX00 is my bass heavy headphone) and I listen to all genres from classical to metal. About the MDR-1A... Last I heard it has bass bloat issues, not sure abt it now.
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I see! I'm actually experiencing something similar (and foreign) at the moment, studying overseas and staying in a shared apartment XD Yeah, MSR7 special is quite competent in those other regards. But I'm pretty sure the MDR-1A is not what you're looking for, even the MDR-100AAP has less mid bass bloat compared to it. And Z7 is not worth the asking price :p
Tbh i dont think that sony worth their price! As for me they are just pricey and nothing more. Their 100Khz means nothing to me cz my c200 can do only 20-20k
Try Fostex.
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If he willing to loan you for awhile try on with different good cable i can be sure it will sound alot different. Can try cable like OCC Copper one or crystal.
Well, ok, I will try to find fostex at first then cables wont be a problem. Thanks for advice!