Dec 3, 2016

Create a New Community for Wood/Metalworking, Power Tools, and Hand Tools

Massdrop is a great community, and I would love to see it expand to include "hobbies" such as Carpentry and Metalworking, and "tech" such as Power Tools.
Drills, Table Saws, Routers, Welders, Grinders, Chisels, Saws, and the like can all be very expensive, and are prime candidates for mass-buyer price drops.
If we have enough people interested in RC cars to have a community dedicated to them, I'm absolutely certain we'd have enough people interesting in building things, who would love to get power tools and whatnot at great prices.
As for the community name, I propose either "Wood and Metalworking", "Fabrication", "Power Tools", or simply "Tools".
What do you guys think?
KirbyKingston, terrysgurl_7690, and 4 others

(that's pirate for, "I agree with your proposal, my friend.")
I am a hobbyist MIG welder that wants but does not need a multiprocess (that says it all!) machine. A Miller Multimatic 200 or 215 catches my eye. There are cheaper Chinese multiprocess invertor rigs out there. It has been suggested that the internals are made at the same factory... In B4 "You can't use amps you didn't buy".