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?xMassdrop What do you want to see

Am i the only one who wants to see a collab with G&G Hawk happen we need the mad scientist knife designers here’s my pick for a collaboration anyone else want to share there’s
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All I am going to say is gavko knives,,!!!!
Giant Mouse would be really cool to see here. Also more "DROP" exclusives instead of just discounted existing knives.
I wish Spyderco would come in here and select a community designed blade to go into limited production and sold here kinda like how Zippo did with its crane etched lighter here.
I would like to see more fixed-blade general-purpose knives that are under $40 and sold individually.
can we see more, or any Zero Tolerance folders, specifically the beefy tougher ones
Can we please get a drop for some Olamic 247 options. I'm on board if it happens
Opinions about best edc knives. I personally love the Spyderco lines. I am hearing more and more about Hoffman Richter brand , is it good as advertised?
how about a full production shirogorov or cultrotech made by WE or Reate? The machining tolerances achieved by these companies is more than capable of making a quality knife that remains true to their higher end routes
More Mid Tech knives that are a step up
Any Todd Begg, preferably the Glimpse.
Ferrum Forge Liong Mah Vantage version 2
Rassenti Satori
A collab with G&G Hawk would be awesome!
I like my Gent and would like to see an ultra thin version inspired by it's design. Let's call it the “Slim Gent.” No scales and 1/3 thinner blade. It would be a fantastic slicer. The Titanium frame could be anodized or textured, if not both. Slim, lightweight and strong. “Man or Woman, you need to have a Slim Gent with you at all times.”
If you're talking about something that would be an affordable alternative to a Chris Reeve Sebenza or such, I would be all over that one!
Actually No. I want an ultra thin version of the Gent, but a slim Sabenza would be cool too. I would be in with you on that.
Mini Snecx Buster please!
I would love to see a g&g hawk collab maybe a Deadlock or Mudd production model with marbled carbon fiber overlays with S35VN or CTS 204P or maybe Elmax if they heat treat it right and dont burn the edge
A MUDD would be awesome. A more affordable one would be even better
I have a G&G Hawk MUDD that I love!
Some options with a Damascus blade 2.75 - 3 inches in length.
I'm good with pretty much anything they have to offer, as long as what they have to offer cannot be found for less on the web. It's gotten to the point where I Google EVERYTHING first.
Massdrop has lost my trust for offering great/hard to find products at impossible to beat prices.
I want a kershaw leek with a longer thicker blade maybe out of S35V or Elmax,maybe even M390.
The Shamwari is my grail knife too. While I would love a drop. Based on reviews and video's, this might be a pipe dream. I don't think Gareth Bull and company produce enough knives in three 3 years to supply the volume a drop would create. Update I now have my Shawari. Trying to get one through Garreth's lotteries is very tough so I overpaid for it on the secondary market. Shortly after I aquired his Trapper and that is my favorite knife in my extensive collection. It's the super smooth gentleman's knife I have been looking for. Now it's checked off my list, is there a new aire apparent.
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Congrats! Sham is a great knife - but honestly the bench price is really about what it's worth as a South African knife. If something happens to it, GB is your only go-to for repairs (Thorburn, Van Heerden, Van Deventer etc. can all be serviced in US). Still, a fantastic knife - and one I'm asked about selling/trading on a bi-weekly basis.
Craig Brown's Exponent front flipperis worth checking out - he drops about 10 every Friday, get on his mailing list. Price goes from $600-1200 depending on finish - I'd recommend the base models TBH. Craig makes more sense for a Drop knife as well, as he's got potential to mass produce (already all CNC work) where Gareth is far too handbuilt to be a Drop knife.
Damn, I'm jealous. I now own the second on on the left and a Trapper in CF too. The Trapper is my favorite knife in my extensive collection. Thanks for the lead to Craig. That Exponent is sexy!
Hawk & J Brous !
What is this model?
Lightsabre. In Purple.
A wee beetle would be AMAZING!!! missed out on them when the met were last in production :(
beautiful knife
No...... you are not the only one, I'd be in for a Hawk collab too.
I'm an avid G&G Hawk collector. I have one of just about everything they've ever released. Below is a list of all their customs, midtechs and collaborations. The one I've still trying to get is the Zero Tolerance 0650ST. So, while I'm up for any G&G Hawk drop, I'd be especially interested in getting ZT to release another batch of the 0650 model. :)
—————————————————————— Custom —————————————————————— Beetle Cyclops Deadlock Model A Deadlock Model B D.O.G. E.T. Gal Leg K-AT (drop point) K-AT (spear point) Links M.U.D.D. Pony RAM RAM II RAM III R.A.Z.R. R.O.C.K. S.A.M. S.T.U.D. S.T.U.D. II S.T.U.D. XL Tangent T.A.S.C. Force T.O.A.D.
—————————————————————— Midtech —————————————————————— Beetle (not yet released) M.U.D.D. M.U.D.D. Auto Orbit Serge Panchenko Locust Serge Panchenko Orbit Triple Aught Design Dauntless
—————————————————————— Factory Collaborations —————————————————————— Boker Griploc Buck Marksman Camillus Tyrant Chris Reeves Ti-Lock CRKT D.O.G. CRKT K-AT Kershaw E.T. Kershaw R.A.M. Kershaw Select Fire Mantis Bottleneck / Cyclops Mantis Vicious Circle Millit Pony Millit Slimline Quartermaster General Lee 2 (QTR-11) Zero Tolerance 0500 M.U.D.D. Zero Tolerance 0650ST
Wow! Great compilation of their designs. Thanks for that!
Very nice and diverse collection.
A production deadlock would be sweet.