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Which ground loop noise isolator? Does it matter?

Just ordered the Tin Audio T2's to use with my Nintendo switch. The colors work nice, and I wanted something better than the Apple EarPods I've been using. However, whenever I plug my studio monitors (Sony something-or-other, cost about 100 and are pretty decent) I get a low hum. Figure I need a ground loop noise isolator if I plug anything nice into my switch. Does it matter which one I choose? I see a bunch of them in Amazon and they seem pretty similar. Am I asking a stupid question? I'm new to all this.

You can also try an iFi Ear Buddy.
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It only happens when undocked. it still sounds like a low hum on my studio monitors though. I don't hear it in my earbuds, which is what I usually use with it but I wanted to upgrade those. I hope I'm not misdiagnosing this
I am trying my switch undocked right now with my most sensitive IEMs I have. I do hear a little bit of a humming noise when plugged in that I dont hear when plugged into a my music player. It goes away when I use my ear buddy with it. You can hear it change to no noise when you unplug, but with earbuddy it doesnt do that for me. The EarBuddy is an attenuator, so it drops the volume by I think -16dB as well as lowers the source's output impedance. These help remove hiss and hums but not sure how well it'd work with a studio monitor.
I imagine the studio monitors will make it worse. Studio Monitors typically hum/hiss at low levels on their own.
Something worth trying: If you have a printer or tv that came with one of those clip on magnet things, then you can try and put it on the audio line instead. Might be a cheap easy fix.


Otherwise, I've seen the Aukey(https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01L1NP7YI) recommended for the Switch pretty often.
Maybe someone else with more technical experience can offer advice on the pros/cons between all the different isolator's.
awesome, thanks! that was legitimately helpful, unlike some other responses... :P
For sure! Let me know what ends up working as I'm sure I'll run into this issue as well eventually
Under 100 usd wizzer a15 pro is good sounding
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No wizzer is good for overall sound
I already bought IEMs. I have decent studio monitors as well. I'm asking about ground loop noise isolators, since my Nintendo Switch has bad grounding somewhere that makes a ground loop hum. I'll look at wizzer in the future but that doesn't really help me right now.