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Where can I find new double/triple flange tips?

I recently picked up a Monoprice MP80. Awesome sound for $50, and the build quality is pretty solid, but those double flange tips are horrendous.
I like a deeper fit than single flanges usually get me, so I went straight for the double flanges. Unlike the foam tips, or the singles, the doubles are just straight single hardness silicone. Now that's potentially fine, but where the cores are stiff on the singles, these are super soft, and still really short. I have been losing tips in my ears on removal since I started wearing these things. This last time, I lost both tips, and had to fish them out again. That's not something I want to be dealing with.
Looking for new tips, I see a good bit for smaller nozzles, and I'm a little nervous to try to stretch a smaller tip over these big nozzles, even if that's sure to get a better grip on that nozzle. I don't know what options I really have for large nozzles that aren't singles, or foam.
Anybody know where to get a good - either stiffer cored or longer stemmed - double or triple flange tip that will fit what appears to be a 5mm nozzle?


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