Jul 29, 2018

Are you interested in an affordable TV that is enjoyable to watch?

I would very much love to have one of the LG OLED TVs that are active drops here. Problem is, we're not in the financial situation right now to afford those TVs. Currently, we have a 2004 Hitachi projection television that has lost its green color (the green gun died). My husband doesn't care and still watches it, but I don't like watching it at all. If you average the two of us together, it would make sense if we can't have an OLED TV to get something that fits in our budget while still being able to enjoy the video quality.

Go ahead and read the online reviews for this television and you'll understand why I'm trying to make a drop for all of us "budget-conscious but still loving our TV" people. Here's where the poll is at if you are interested:

TV's are one of those products I don't mind paying more for buying at a physical retail store. I really need to see what I am buying with the screen and user interface. I also try not to be caught up in the fad-of-the-year with TV features (3D, curved display, smart TV, etc.). So I just ignore TV drops and TV's on the usual deal-a-day sites.