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Will it work only for data transfers and charging or can I connect my USB C headphones to it as well ( I have couple of them )?

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Aug 9, 2021
You can plug your type-c earphones into this.
Aug 9, 2021
They make it a bit vague, but I read and reread it like a half-dozen times myself and finally noticed this: making it a great choice for on-the-go cabling or headphone connections.” That still doesn’t tell us what iPhones models it’s compatible with, if there’s a minimum iOS version you must have, or if it will work with a DAC attached to the USB C end (the reason it caught my attention)? I’ll probably do some digging online myself to find answers, but please Drop, can you fill in some of the blanks for us? This looks like an awesome find, but there’s not enough information to even remotely let us know if it’ll work for our needs.
Jan 6, 2022
First off, Happy New Year to you as well! I pray this year won't make people hoard even more PC/audio peripherals anymore than they already are to resell them for absurd prices. I actually bought my G3 several years back as it was only $35 from the Creative website, and it blew me away that I could use it from anything from my iPhone /Google Pixel 4a as well as using it via USB-A on my work laptop to give literally any price set of cans a nice little upgrade, and of course I'm a sucker for all the different mic presets, or specific device/game presets you can choose on the PC software. So whenever I wanted to use the G3 on my Xbox One via the TOSlink/optical connection I could set it to a specific sound profile for gaming or if I was watching a movie from my Xbox (which I usually always watch movies on my Xbox after I realized how many small conversations or details that are vital to the whole plot of the movie I was missing before I began using Dolby Atmos combined with a solid pair of cans....and now It's hard to go back to watching any TV/Movies just using external speakers 😂. I won't lie, your reply was a super refreshing comment to read (and great positive vibes to start off the new year). So just wanted to say thank you for that! Sometimes It feels like people would rather argue, than share and collaborate their experiences so instead of 3 people all making the same mistake by buying a sub par product and finding out later it was a bad purchase....especially since I'm by no means an extremely knowledgeable audiophile and prices these days do be hittin the wallet a little harder than they used to haha (Even though I own and alternate a solid 10 different pairs of cans I depending on what I'm doing, or where I'm at...and a few random DAC/AMPS. I'm always open to learning more from the more experienced and wealthy audiophiles hah. I remember back when I first began building my own PC'S (20 years ago 😂) Soundblaster internal PCI-E sound cards like the X-Fi Fatality etc were top of the line. But then I kinda forgot about Creative (as a brand) when motherboards began including very nice on-board surround sound DAC/AMPs. (But I always enjoyed their sound cards as I still own that X-Fi internal card that not only came with the 7.1 card but also a 3.5" front facing extension input that took up the space of an optical drive slot on a desktop PC case as well as an amazing remote that was way ahead of its time especially since Roku's and Amazon Fire TVs were not yet a thing and I could use my single desktop work/gaming PC as a Home Theater PC as well. That's so awesome you mentioned the Creative H7 tournament editions! I actually purchased those exact cans as I was reading all the specs of Creatives headsets etc roughly a year or so ago when they would email deals that were like "buy any G3,G5,G6 amp and get a headset from a list of several for 50-60% off" so naturally I couldn't turn down a nice deal like that....unfortunately the package was lost in transit to my house and I never got a chance to try them out, but I might just have to go snag a pair assuming they haven't tripled in price. But thanks for mentioning that, glad to hear those H7's are everything I was hyped about and hyped to hearing haha. My apologies....I just realized I've been rambling much longer than I thought, but 100% agree with you about the tinkering is never done as well as doing research, believe the hype, make your own opinion 👌 Some of my favorite headsets actually have 2 star ratings on Amazon right now (even though Amazon is probably the worst place to go to find accurate ratings with so many people getting paid off or receiving free products for 5 star reviews) AND many people completely fail to read the 4 short, but important, sentences written on several places on the "fully charge the headset first, plug it in via USB to a PC and update it to the latest firmware before first use". Unfortunately I've come to accept "common sense" (much less any sense) is no longer common...but if you're ever having a bad day read some 1 star Amazon reviews on a product you own that works great, and it's almost a guarantee ego boost after reading someone spent minimum 3 minutes attempting to use it, claim it's a dud and return the next day....and the fix was just holding down the "on" button an extra 2 seconds 😂 Cheers!
Jan 14, 2022
Actually, this was a pleasure to read! 👍👍 Sadly, the H7 is now a legacy product. Even the H5 is a legacy product. The H7 and H5 were basically the same except there was no DAC in the H5. They now have the H6, which looks like the only respectable gaming headset they have left. It’s pretty slick and has RGB, but Creative has been very weird about their RGB gaming products over the last few years. They had some very nice ones that made up an entire suite of products, and now at least half of them have been phased out. A shame, really. 😞 I’m just curious if you were supposed to have received the H7 bundled with a Katana? It’s a very respectable speaker setup and I would get one if I had more space for it. They also recently released the more powerful Katana v2. One other item worth mentioning is their Stage 360 soundbar — it has Atmos! 👌 Audio is such a personal thing, it truly all boils down to what you like and no one should tell you otherwise! Again. It was a great read, especially to end the week on! 👏👏👏 Be well! ✌️
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