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Wondering about low price amps

I currently have a Sennheiser GSX1000 amplifier, but I'm wondering if the DROP O2 + SDAC would be an upgrade? I tried comparing specs but I'm kinda new to this and I couldn't really tell which parts were comparable

For many users a sub $200 amp/dac combo will be an improvement over their existing solutions but it will vary greatly based on a few factors: 1) Do you actively listen to music or is it a more passive activity (aka background noise)? 2) What headphones are you trying to drive, any plans to upgrade? 3) What sources do you plan to use with your headphone system? 4) Are you primarily a gamer, a movie watcher, or a music listener? 5) Do you want to include speakers in your headphone system? Specs should be used to identify red flags in design/performance and ensure compatibility with your other gear, they will in no way tell you whether you will find new gear to be an "upgrade" from your current setup.
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