So these are made in Germany. I live in Denmark, which is neighbor country to Germany. Will they ship from Germany or will they be shipped all the way from the manufacturer to the US and then back to EU?


Aug 11, 2021
Perhaps Drop should consider Drop Shipping from the manufacturers. Yup. The pun was very much intended. 😜 Actually, it’s probably way more expensive to drop ship! All of the costs to store, package, and then distribute that merch to individual consumers quickly adds up, especially in high volume scenarios! That’s not even mentioning the cost of labor needed to handle said logistics. Though it is true that some manufacturers will ‘eat’ those costs as a courtesy to the buyer when dealing in volume, most manufacturers won’t, and those significant handling charges would ultimately be passed onto us, the consumer. 😮 We definitely wouldn’t want that… right?! So, it sounds like Drop is doing right by us. It’s a huge pain to handle in-house logistics to consumer locations, especially for small to midsized businesses. No matter who you ship through, the one thing that’s guaranteed when shipping to home addresses (as opposed to those zoned as business or commercial) is that you will be nickel and dimed, just a bit different with each carrier. I recently ordered a pair of Massdrop x MEE audio Pinnacle PX IEMs, which I absolutely love ❤️ these things! They are quickly becoming my IEM daily driver, though I do mix it up a bit by also using my Tin HiFi T2 Pro IEMs often enough. They’re both great 👍 but that wasn’t my point — damn you ADHD 😡 — so, I was saying that the PX’s arrived much faster than I anticipated they would. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least. The packaging was done right, both for the mailer and the box that was inside of it. “Premium” would be the first word that would come to mind, which isn’t surprising as Drop is very much a premium brand. Given my experiences with Drop, probably the one company that I enjoy getting random e-mails from, it’s crystal clear to my trained eye that they have their shit very much together; not to mention the fact that they most likely have won me over as a customer for life. 👍 All-in-all, from my somewhat brief experience as a Drop customer, I do believe that Drop listens to their customers, and that they’re doing everything they could to bring awesome curated product into our hands! Everyone’s a winner in this scenario; something I mentioned in another comment not too long ago. The one thing any great business always does is being perpetually ready for and adapt to change. That’s why businesses [should] listen to their customers! So, even if they’re doing everything right today, comment the hell out of your idea(s) or even message Drop and let them know what you’re thinking! 🤔💭 It could very well be tomorrow’s great idea! 💡 It may be advantageous for Drop to create a European shipping hub of some kind, one that may not even involve the pitfalls of drop shipping per se; but then again, it just may not be doable for one reason or another. It simply never hurts to ask questions and bring great ideas squarely to the head of the table! BTW, I didn’t mean to write a virtual Wikipedia article when I initially half-joked about an idea; but I did, and think it was kinda sorta productive for our community. Being part of a community is important, and this one is active, dynamic, and revolves around some of the finest audiophile shit that I’ve personally ever laid eyes on! I’ve been posting quite a bit lately to pass the time as I’m a recently medically retired executive for a global niche manufacturing company. So, I won’t ever claim to know everything, but do have quite the eye for business operations. 😂 My short story is that I had a few crappy years with lots of broken and/or dislocated bones, sprains, strains, and a ton of fatigue like I’ve never felt before; all with a bunch of weird symptoms that did not appear to even be related. At 39, I was finally diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or hEDS for short. Within only another year or two I was on disability and could barely walk enough to leave the house, at least comfortably. hEDS is genetic and there’s no cure. Yes, it kinda sucks, but was a blessing in disguise as I now get to really see my kids, have meaningful family time, engage in hobbies like this one! I was either too busy or too tired before, so life goes on, for me just with dysfunctional connective tissue and a lot of pain. Oddly, I’m quite happy. 😊✌️ Cc: @SebDane95 @jaycew @Drop
Aug 10, 2021
I believe this is the case. Since Drop might already have them in stock.