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What IEM would you choose and why.

Hi. I am on the market for a pair of fresh IEM'S. I am listening mostly on my cellphone any kind of music.
I like warm sound I used to have some sure se215. And still have a V Moda cross fade lp2 that I really like.

I am hesitating between.



MAGAOSI k3 pro
Eventually the hotfi hm9

And maybe do the jump (if it worth it) to

Fiio F9 pro

The fragrant zither King pro

Mee Pinnacle P1



Audiofly makes great products and are highly underrated. Check out the AF180 or AF1120. They are very neutral and by far the most comfortable iem I've ever worn. You can check head-fi or eBay and get a good deal on either set.
If you want a warmer sound signature without ridiculously overdone bass (which most of you choices feature) go with the VSonic Gr07 37th anniversary special edition.
They have a long breakin time, but are truly a pleasure to listen to: warm but resolving, Bass (and sub Bass!) but with detail, soundstage is more than adequate, highs are smooth, but very clear.
Thank you for this very detailed answer. I was looking for the king pro. I am searching for IEMS with detachable cables. Either 2 pins or mmcx (I prefer mmcx) the DUNU falcon C looks interesting. But a bit expensive for now. Thank you for empire ears. You made me discover a great brand. And what is your opinion on the kinera idun's ?
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I have a brand new set of King Pros right here, somehow they manage to be both extremely bassy and over-bright at the same time.
If the SG has more bass than the KP it would likely just be overdone and overblown (I have the SG's on order so time will tell). the KG's bass is very, very good, but the very sharp v-shape sound signature takes away from the pleasure.
Hmm hopefully not. They described Secret Garden as W shaped and engaging with bold bass
trn v80 kz A10 tinaudio t2 for the lower price point. i still love my sony xba-3s for a bit more expensive number, and if you like that warm sound signature and want to go with a hybrid, you cant go wrong with the 1more triple drivers. the bass is a bit much for me but im allergic to midbass.
NVM i just read that you like bass heavy sound (from your lp2 it is not warm it is definitely basshead) so forget the first 4 i mentioned. You will like the Sony xba5, King pro, Noble Dulce Bass, and if you like an L shape sound the it03 has fantastic subbass and neutral midbass. If you can get your hands on it the yamaha EPH-100 are very solid, and JVC has very lauded vshaped and warm wood iem called the fx850. Also the ttpod t2-E is a decent cheaper option. Check out the DUNU falcon C i heard it at canjam and its great, and at the moment, Empire Ears's new lineup has probably some of hte best bass ive ever heard in an iem. They are a bit pricey, but they are the only company executing a bass heavy sound without compromising on the rest of the sound frequency. Everything sounds amazing, but bass is definitely what you came to the show for. I cant recommend those enough.
+1 for the JVC fx850. Absolutely one of my favorite IEMs ever. Nothing quite compares to the warm, lush sound and timbre of the wood shells.