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A Question for EDC

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to edc right now, all I carry is a little pocket tool and sometimes a crkt knife. However I realized that I've never used or needed to use either of them in daily situations. So my question is this: what do you carry on a day to day basis and how do you use it? I want to know because I'm interested in getting a lot of the stuff on here but most of the time I can't see myself using it.
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To list my full edc I carry a knife, flashlight, organizer for those two items, a pen and field notes book in a cover, a pry tool, my wallet, keys, phone, knuckle tool, comb, and handkerchief. I use my knife daily at work to open boxes. I work as a cashier and spend a lot of my day scratching the silver part off gift cards to reveal the pin number, and the pry tool saves my hands from being silver after 8 hours. The pen and notebook are to jot down random things along the day. My wallet, keys, comb, and phone are obvious. I use a flashlight to search through the warehouse at work and at night since I typically get home late. I use the handkerchief to dry my hands if they get wet and wipe off any other gear I carry. Finally I carry the knuckle tool as a self defense item I hope to never use, but is nice just in case. The knuckle tool does get switched out for a kubaton on occasion though. I keep my field notes in a canvas cover just to keep it from getting ruined, and same goes for my knife and pen, with the added benefit of not having those items loose in my pocket. I know this was a long response, but I have a huge carry and hope that helped.
as someone who works in an office environment, the most useful tools i can have are a watch, pliers, and screwdrivers, and something good at opening packages. I carry a knife too, but that's mostly just because it makes me happy. Don't underwstimate the watch. It's great at keeping you off your phone, even if your computer displays the time all day :P
I tend to carry IEMs and writing implements if I have a backpack, plus relevant charging cables.
I want it!!!
I rotate watches and knives (Swiss and Japanese automatic watches and Microtech, AGA Campolin, or Benchmade Knives) but this is pretty typical. I carry a Glock 19 Gen 5, a Taran Tactical Extended Magazine, Tier One Concealed Agis holster, Versace or Louis Vuitton wallet, a Tudor/Rolex Date-Day 94613 or a Seiko SRP series dive watch, keysmart key organizer, Streamlight Microstream, Microtech Combat Troodon, a Parker Jotter SS pen, and an IPhone X currently.
that seems just about right
I carry a CRKT Tighe Tac Two Tanto, pliers, my V20, headphones (NuForce EDC, bought here) and a pen. I have a flashlight on my phone so there's no real need to carry a separate, unless I am going camping or hiking at night, and that isn't very often, but I'd carry a Maglite mini with the LED upgrade.
I just bought this CRKT and already find it useful for many things like box opening, cutting threads, prying, carving, locking stalls, etc.
Your use case will differ but everyone has different reasons for different things. Just experiment with what works and do away with what doesn't.
Unfortunately phones have sort of taken the place of one of the most useful edc items, the flashlight, but there are a few others that come up a decent amount. I am a big fan of having tweezers on hand.
I can say that if you don't see any use of your stuff, no one will make you too. I can tell you that I carry a Spyderco Endura in ZDP-189 and use it all the time to open coke cans, boxes, envelopes and such, cut loose threads off the clothes, use it as a little prybar and whatever else, but it won't mean anything to you because you obviously don't need a knife for any of these. I think that if you don't see any use in your tools, just stop carrying them since no one will provide you with use cases for them but yourself.
Two sets of pliers, 1 SOG and 1 Leatherman, a Streamlight ProTac 2L, and a knife. Which knife depends on if I'm at work where I don't want to pull out a scary knife to cut tape on boxes.
The two sets of pliers are in belt pouches
Definitely understand the scary knife thing. I carry a lot of OTF, Balisongs, and Out the side autos, I have a couple boring knives to carry the common rabble.
If you don't use it, you don't need to carry it. Save your pockets for stuff you use regularly. If the only thing you use on a day to day basis is your phone, then that is your EDC. If you want to be trendy, call it your ultralight EDC.
If you carry something that you haven't used in a month, leave it at home, it's just "stuff." What you should carry every day differs by person, and can change as your life changes. You may have no need for knives or pliers in your daily life, so why carry them around?
I draw and write daily. On paper. With a pencil. It's what I like to do while waiting for appointments, on break at work, waiting for friends, etc. So, a pencil and notebook are EDC items for me. Someone who uses their cell phone for all their note-taking needs, and who has no interest in drawing doesn't need a pencil, pen, or notebook in their EDC. It would be a waste of space.
Granted, if you only carry your smart phone, and I have a pencil, I can gouge out zombies' eyes when the Apocalypse arrives. You'll have to bash their skulls repeatedly with your phone. Clearly, I'd have a tactical advantage. You'd have less weight in your pockets, so maybe you'd get speed and agility boosts. Things to consider.
I carry a Gerber Trendy, Gerber EAB with the clip removed and a dewalt carbide blade, Gerber Black Crucial (clip removed), Atwood doubleheader #2 & a single headed alligator, (4) Raimundo pick/tension tools, a tiny retractable 50" promotional tape measure. A Caran d'Ache FixPencil and Pilot Razor Point ride in the shirt pocket, usually along with a twin tip Sharpie. The only thing I don't use at least weekly (if not daily) is the lock picks, but when I need em, I've got em, and they just tuck into my wallet, about the size of (5) toothpicks.
I could do without the Trendy, but I find the blade shape more routinely useful than the Crucial's main blade. The EAB routinely proves useful as a semi disposable/dirty blade, and the carbide blade just plain lasts longer and holds an edge better than the cheapos. I used to carry a Gerber 600 needlenose, but ended up not needing the extra oomph vs the Crucial, particularly for the weight. I'd happily swap out the Crucial if I could find a good flat phiips, strap cutter and pliers on anything else.
If you're carrying something because it's pretty or you like how it looks, that's fine, but it's not an EDC tool, it's jewelry. That's fine, and folks go through a lot for vanity but you need to decide if you want to be instafamous for carrying around some metal or for putting elmers and koolaid in your hair for liberty spikes. If you're carrying something because you might use it someday.... well I've got a garage full of old parts and pieces of wood to sell you.
side note, not sure why I have so many Gerber tools. I've certainly owned and used dozens of others, but have ended up finding them lacking in some particular. I'm partial to leaf lock blades, and haven't found a better flat sided phillips bit which grips as well.
I carry 2 knives, large and small (Kershaw rake and boker plus gnome), a steel pen, a leather slim card wallet, phone, keys, and wooden beard comb.
The pen is handy as few people carry them anymore, and sometimes you just need to jot something down. The beard comb because mine is like 10ish inches and gathers food crumbs. The knives, two is one and one is none, I use the kershaw all the time, from cutting food (like apples for my kids or prepping meat for the bbq), to opening mail. The smaller knife is more of a backup, but I use it for smaller, more delicate tasks too.
A Victorinox Mini-Champ with a meter of micro 550 cord tied to a Titanium door jamb wedge; a "wave modified" Strider folding knife (so far, unused); and a SiG 938 (also unused). Stuffed into form fitting Firehose pants from Duluth Trading, held up by a Bullhide Belt. I'm a slave to fashion.
Earl E Dopter
Keys, wallet, Leatherman style CS, Folding knife. The knife is usually a Spyderco or Benchmade but it’s SAK (Swiss Army) or a gentleman’s folder when appropriate. My IPhone has a light so I don’t carry a flashlight unless traveling. I don’t carry a full size multi tool unless I’m working around the house. I buy a new knife often.
There are two things (other than phone, keys, wallet) that I don't leave home without: a knife and a gun, specifically - Spyderco Endura 4 and H&K VP9SK. Rarely have I needed anything else. If I do or think I will, my car is stocked with a go bag with anything I need.
I carry on my keychain a (sadly discontinued) Leatherman Squirt S4, which has scissors instead of the pliers on the PS4. Scissors are far more useful than pliers in my book, and the primary scissors on the S4 are far better than the pathetic second-fiddle foldaway scissors on the PS4.
Also, a Nitecore TIP CRI, excellent rechargeable flashlight.
My EDC is a small SAK (voyager), larger SAK (scientist), flashlight (Zebralight), a good pen (Sunderland Mk I). I'll add in a more heavy duty knife for less urban areas and a pry tool. The small SAK probably gets the most use along with the pen.
A pen, a multitool (key-chain one if not working, full size of working, leatherman or swisstool), a modern folder (got about 60 of them, rotated carry everyday), a traditional folder( most likely northwoods or GEC, sometimes queen and case), a key holder, a card holder, a cash clip, a pin, a flash light( EDC size in the city, 18650 size out door). I am a environmental scientist, I will be out door a lot, so i found I need my knife all the time, cutting plant, digging soil, making wood tools, etc. I also do a lot I.T work for different people, so I always need a multi tool, flashlight is just required for every one that work late or go outside after sun goes down. I almost use all of my EDC daily. this is today's pocket dump.
Normally my pockets are tailored to the plans of the day, time of day, @ work or @ home. Generally speaking a folding knife, keys, cash, cell phone and sometimes a flashlight. Included in my keys is a Swiss+Tech 6 in 1 tool. The pocket knives vary in size and weight based on what the dress is for the day (lightweight shorts = a lightweight knife like the CRKT Crossbones and so on). You mentioned usage? The number one use of my EDC knife is normally to open a box containing another knife.... Enjoy your new vice....
Lol. That last part is too true. I use my knife to open boxes, usually of other knives.
Spyderco folder, or SOG Zoom mini assisted opening folder, Leatherman Juice S2, Thrunite Titanium AAA light, Leatherman Micra keys, wallet, Samsung S7 Edge, Casio triple sensor atomic watch.
Its pretty much up to you man. I don't carry too much:
Wallet Keys Pen Flashlight Phone Watch Pocket Knife / Multi Tool or both Sometimes a Notebook
A lot of people will disagree, but I have always felt if I cannot carry everything in 4 jeans pockets, then it isn't really EDC.
I have a guy at work who carries a fanny pack at all times, so its content is EDC to him, so your statement might be a bit of generalization, but I think you're right in that if you don't always have something on your person, it's not EDC.
True, but it's just my opinion
Don't carry more than you need. My EDC:
Car keys Cell phone Watch Pocket knife (used frequently) A good pen (often a metal "tactical" pen that has never been used for anything other than writing, but I like having it on hand) A small pad First Aid Kit (Over the years I have developed the habit of always having a FAK somewhere close by. It has helped many, many times. I have 3: small, medium, and large. I take the one most appropriate depending on the situation. Flashlight Battery Pack with 1 or 2 USB cables
Additionally, I have a basic tool set in a small organizer bag that is not always EDC, but I usually have it in my car.
Don't over do it.
Oh. Concealed carry too, but I consider that different than EDC.
It will vary massively based on where you live and what you do. I work around chainsaws and other dangerous equipment so my edc actualy includes trauma medical items as I have a much higher risk of needing them. You may be at higher risk of needing and not having another item like a lighter or a flashdrive. For me edc is about having high quality, pleasant to use items on my person that I either have a high likelihood of needing or a low likelihood of needing but wouldnt want to be caught without because the stakes are too high.
Every day (outside my purse), I carry at minimum, car keys, cell phone, watch, at least 1 knife. Usually I also have a flashlight and a second knife. But thats about it.
In my purse, thats another story lol
Purse lol. My wife dumped the purse and opted for a small hikers backpack due to the amount of stuff she has jammed in there... purse is for fancy nights.
The essentials for me was a Leatherman Squirt, cheap pen, and a keychain flashlight. It was after I discovered the edc phenomenon I started to upgrade to the point where it was too much for my pockets or too ridiculous given my needs. Now I'm back to where I started just better quality or a variation thereof. My basic kit is an iPhone, CS American Lawman, LM Minitool, fisher pen, Peak flashlight, Architect wallet, and a pocket wrench 2. I use them all, maybe not everyday, but enough to save the day.
My suggestion, carry what you need, then carry something you think you need in an emergency. As an example I have a few band aids in my wallet and a glass breaker on my keychain. The first is handy as I have a little boy I chase around, the last I carry around as I use car rentals as part of my work.
What I need every day differs from what you may need. If you find you are not using a knife, perhaps a secure USB or a mini flashlight may be more useful. What do you find yourself using every day? Is there something that would make your life more convenient, or is just too fun or useful not to carry? Then ditch what does not get used and carry what works. My EDC is fairly extensive, but functions well for me. On my belt I carry the following: iPhone 6+, I constantly go online for quick research and use the camera for doing online listings of items for sale. Leatherman Charge Titanium with deluxe case, screw driver extension and multi bit holder. I use this a dozen times a day or more. I fit a Fisher Space Pen and a single cell AAA flashlight in the side holders of the leather case as well. I carry a mini tape measure and a 10 power loupe in one pocket, a money clip in the other and start my day with a $1 coin and a quarter as this is usually all the change I need. I wear a Pebble watch and a blue tooth earpiece, keep my phone on silent and use the watch to monitor my online business and incoming emails, the earpiece to decide if I should take a call or not. It allows me to prioritize my work, finish what I am physically doing before I deal with online sales or non-priority phone calls. I am still adjusting what I carry, the flashlight needs an upgrade, the earpiece is only OK, but everything I carry makes me more efficient, saves me time, and functions well or is subject to replacement. Function first, then I may upgrade for form, a nicer loupe perhaps? a more powerful flashlight? A new Pebble is coming out soon so it too may be upgraded!
It vastly depends person to person I notice. Here are mine in order of how often I use them: flashlight, keys, wallet, phone, knife.
The flashlight is great because I do a lot of moving around at night in areas without light. In my house for instance instead of turning off and on every light just to go get a snack from the fridge I find it much more convenient just use a flashlight, or if I go for a walk at night, none of the streets around my house have street lamps.
The Keys have lots of Handy things on them, a bottle opener and stuff like that. I work in electronic retail where we sell phones, so I often need a SIM popper tool and charge cable etc. Not just car keys.
Wallet and phone should be obvious,
Even though I rarely use the knife and probably couldn't defend myself with it if I needed to, I still find it handy time to time and feel better just having it on me. Also, its always nice to have someone around with a cutting tool.
Everyone is different, I dont think a one size fits all approach works to this.
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Right, I'm in California so a CCW isn't really an option lol.
Well hope that changes for you man. Cali shouldn't infringe on its citizens rights like that. It should change under Trump.
I figure if I haven't used it in a week I stop carrying it in my pockets. If I haven't used it in 2 months I stop carrying it in my bag. There are some exceptions like I still carry a med kit in my backpack and my health insurance card in my wallet even though I rarely need them.
Not everyone has a lifestyle that requires carrying a knife or a pen or a pry bar. If yours doesn't, don't carry them. Or do, if it makes you happy. It's your pockets man, do whatever makes you smile.
Hi derhp, I'd say it'd depends on what you do everyday and how much you want to carry and how quick and easily you wanna be able to move. If you don't got a lot of money you wanna throw at a new bag or new tools start with what you got. It'll help you get a feel for what you'd need. It'll give you a feel for how much you need or use to get through the day. Here's a list of bare essentials of what I like to have and think I need to get through a day:
1. Food (Snacks, Bars, Candy) 2. Lights/Power 3. Water 4. Tools of trade
Food: Hey, sometimes you get the munchies. A pack of beef jerky, a granola bar, some candy, or bowl of noodles is handy and doesn't take much space. (Maybe the noodles..)
Lights/Power: I keep a flashlight on me and make sure I note when the battery is gonna need a change. A smartphone flashlight is handy, but it takes juice away from other necessary functions in a jam. I also keep a power pack on me to keep my phone charged. (Something 10,000mAh+ is plenty to get you through an entire day imo). If you're old school couple of batteries is nice to have. Rechargeable ones are nice until you have to recharge them. So depending on how fast you need to move or how often you find yourself switching and recharging them would I recommend which you take with you.
Water: Keep a canteen or bottle or even a water bladder on ya. Water is essential. If you're a soda guy/gal that works too - if anything you can replace it with water later. I love soda but that sugar in the soda ruins your taste buds. But hey everything is a choice and you have the freedom to make them.
Tools of trade: This is the best part, these are the things that make you - you. I always carry a knife with me - be it just my Leatherman multi-tool or a dedicated fixed blade. A rope, cuz you never know when you'll need a rope (watch Boondock Saints). 550 rope tends to get the job done and then some. I think a small notebook is and some pens are nice but with my laptop I tend to not use it much. This be all you man, it's a journey - it's your life! Goodluck mate.
I have the following in my watch pocket (in rough order of importance, and frequency of use):
- Swiss Army Vagabond (the Rambler is a slightly smaller version of this): Cutting and scissors mainly. I rarely use the screw driver, occasionally I use the nail file. I keep the sheepsfoot blade x-acto sharp. - FourSevens Atom A0: My moonlight mode light; I use it to preserve my night vision and fos quick simple illumination. - [Folding Nail Clippers]( clipping nails and zip ties - Pocket Pry Tool - mine was custom made for me, a slightly larger one is the [Boker Plus]( prying and bottle opening
In my waistband I carry
- A pen, currently it is the Sunderland MK I, a wonderfully designed and built pen. My go to pen. - ZebraLight H502w: Hands down, the best interface on any flashlight I've used. I use it for outdoor lighting. - ZT0450 this is way more knife than I need, but I love this knife. - Offhand pen: A really old Hinderer Investigator pen with an impact point.
If I'm wearing casual pants, in my front pocket I have
- Swiss army Scientist hanging from a clip. I got it mint a while back and it is by far my favorite swiss army knife. The Vagabond covers the scissors, this baby covers everything else.
It sounds like a lot of stuff, but it's really compact and slim. Most people don't notice that I've got anything in my pants. When I fly in the US, I lose the knives and swap in a mini swiss knife I made with no blades for the vagabond.
I keep a knife pry bar/ screwdriver and a flashlight with couple other odd and ends. The pry bar I use almost daily, odd how something so small can be so useful. I usually buy what I like and if it ends up being useull I keep it. A lot of edc items I have bought did not get used for whatever reason.